[fyeg_gen-l] please stop chain mails

Sascha Bachmann sascha at fyeg.org
Wed Jan 26 22:55:21 CET 2005

Dear list members,

please do not use fyeg's mailing list for chain mails like a child is 
looking for his/her parents or an organ donation. You never know when such 
chain mail was started or if the storry is really true. Sometimes a chain 
mail can be bad for the person it should help, for example when this person 
is in front of a non-democratic court and this court gets thousands of 
e-mails from "foreign" people try to tell them what they should or should 
not do.

The last chain mail you read was about a child looking for her parents. 
These parents are unfortunatly dead, so please tell all persons you 
forwarded it to, they can stop doing it. For those who understand German 
the whole story:

There a lot of moving chain mails and I'm really sorry to tell you: You 
won't help by forwarding them. It's the other way around: All the senseless 
chain mails of the world use ressources. Transfering it costs energy and 
some drives on servers.

Be ecological and save mailing list mails! Prevent chain mails and if you 
want to forward some, please do some research in the internet before you do.

Thank you very much,

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