[fyeg_gen-l] Master's Program "Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability"

Natalie Debono ndebono at onvol.net
Tue Jan 25 18:32:54 CET 2005

Hi all,

I've been quiet in the last months on this list, one reason is that
getting (slightly) older i do not feel the right to interfere that much
here any more, and one other reason is that i'm back to school in Sweden
for a Master's Program in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability.
Since i turned 30 last fall, i probably thought it was a way to go back
10 years and feel like a student again !!! ;-)))

More seriously, Why studying (again) ?  i decided to do this for the
contacts i'd gain with some of the lecturers very linked with the
organization The Natural Step, and the interaction with the other
students (average of the class a year or so older than me). And also i
wanted to see what additional background knowledge and abilities i could
get after more self-learning periods with the Earth Charter Secretariat,
conferences and other activities (Youth Caucus and more). I've had all
that so far. Have a look at the Programme Philosophy and Learning
Process on the web page, and you should have an idea on why this is a
very unique program (and i do not ususally use this kind of "nice
comments / catchy sentence" easily).

Who should consider getting information on this program ? From my point
of view : all the ones who want to be able to explain what is
sustainable development, why it is important, and how to really progress
faster towards sustainability ... and i mean not only talking about it,
reporting or putting various patches, but moving towards success ...

Logistic details and information : It's in Sweden (good news : studies
are free, except for your life expenses), it's all in english (we're 41,
3 swedes only for this 1st year). Deadline for application is March 1st.

Website : www.bth.se/tmslm

Don't hesitate to ask me if you wanna know more : reri04 at student.bth.se

renaud.earthcharter at club-internet.fr

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