[fyeg_gen-l] "NO FOREST NO FUTURE!!"

Mária Bumberák maja.zofi at freemail.hu
Mon Jan 17 13:45:47 CET 2005

Dear Young Green People from all around Europe!

We are starting the preparations for FYEG’s „Forestweek projec” taking
 place during the last week of April 2005, for which we are looking for 
 participants - Member Organisations of FYEG, as well as any
enthusiastic individuals willing to work on this noble and essential

It is a Europewide initiative with the aim of reaching a more general
public, calling attention to the problems that Europe's forests are 
as well as presenting social and ecological solutions to these dangerous 
Thus our key words are "ecological education for sustainability",
and ecologically aware and sustainable way of living.

If you or your organisation is interested in taking part in this one-week
project, with any kind of action, programme, do not hesitate to contact

Maja Bumberák
FYEG Project Coordinator
maja.zofi at freemail.hu

More info is coming soon!!!

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