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Please note this if involved or planning such

> "I would like to inform you that due to major
> administrative changes, the
> centralised management of the Euro-Med Youth
> Programme was suspended at
> the end of 2004. This means that from January 2005
> onwards, and until
> further notice, the centralised selection of
> projects submitted by
> applicants from Mediterranean partner countries will
> be discontinued.
> Accordingly, a note to this effect has been included
> in the User's Guide
> 2005. The responsible authorities and National
> Coordinators in the
> Mediterranean partner countries have been informed
> about this change by
> separate letter.
> The decentralised management of the Euro-Med Youth
> Programme, via National
> Agencies, will continue as usual. This will allow
> beneficiaries from
> Mediterranean countries to continue to participate,
> at least as project
> partners, in Euro-Med Youth projects hosted in EU
> Member States.
> Therefore, only applications submitted by
> organisations from EU Member
> States, hosting a project in their own country, will
> be eligible for
> support. The hosting of a Euro-Med project in a
> Mediterranean partner
> country will not be eligible.
> In order to prepare the future, the EuropeAid
> Co-operation Office (DG
> AIDCO) has launched a feasibility study which should
> help in the
> decision-making process leading to the formulation
> of phase III of the
> Euro-Med Youth programme. DG EAC contributes to this
> study. Its objective
> is to make suggestions for a revised implementation
> mode taking stock of
> the decentralisation experience of the YOUTH
> Programme, consistent with
> the available Euro-Med Youth budget and with the
> social, political and
> cultural characteristics in the Mediterranean
> partner countries. The
> results of the study are expected to be available by
> mid-2005.
> As outlined above, during the transition period from
> the present to a
> future management system, beneficiaries from the
> Mediterranean partner
> countries will not be able to submit applications to
> the Commission or
> TAO. However they will continue to be eligible to
> take part in the
> Programme in cooperation with their partners in EU
> Member States by
> developing common projects to be submitted to the
> relevant National
> Agencies. You are kindly invited to inform youth
> NGOs, young people, youth
> workers, trainers and other relevant actors in the
> field of Euro-Med youth
> work about these changes.
> The Youth Unit did its best to safeguard the
> continuity of the Programme
> and regrets this interruption very much. We are
> aware of the
> disappointment and difficulties that this change
> might cause, especially
> to beneficiaries from the Mediterranean partner
> countries. We are doing
> our best to contribute to the re-establishment of
> regular calls for
> projects for the Mediterranean beneficiaries as soon
> as possible."
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