[fyeg_gen-l] Climate Change: the US's weapon of mass destruction

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Interesting point below from a review in the London Review of Books. 
The rest of the article (http://www.lrb.co.uk/v27/n01/byer01_.html) 
is a good introductory overview of climate change for non-specialists 
like me. 

A more sinister explanation for Washington__s resistance [to address 
climate change] has to do with the centrality of military strategy in 
contemporary policy-making. Donald Rumsfeld and others like him have 
apparently calculated that climate change will enhance rather than 
detract from the country__s long-term security. The US, with its 
flexible economy, temperate location, low population density and 
access to Canadian water, oil, natural gas and agriculture, would 
suffer less than other major countries as a result of climate change. 
__With diverse growing climates, wealth, technology and abundant 
resources,__ a report prepared last year for the Pentagon concluded, 
__the United States could likely survive shortened growing cycles and 
harsh weather conditions without catastrophic losses . . . even in 
this continuous state of emergency the US will be positioned well 
compared to others.__ (The report is available at www.s-e-
i.org/pentagon_climate_ change.pdf.) In comparison, China and India 
would struggle to cope with severe storms, decreasing agricultural 
production, energy shortfalls and mass population displacements, 
while the EU is ill prepared for the Siberian climate that would 
follow the collapse of the Gulf Stream, not to mention the waves of 
environmental refugees from North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle 
East that would hit European shores. If the weakness of one__s 
opponents is as important as one__s own strength, the emissions 
generated in the US by SUVs and climate-controlled houses could be 
conceived as an insidious weapon in a ruthless struggle for power.


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