[fyeg_gen-l] Training For Trainers - MDG and Development Education : July 2005, Finland

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Dear Friends,

incase you are interested in a training for trainers on the Millenium
Development Goals and Development Education in Finland, July 2005,
feel free to check the following:

-A info letter about the training for trainers on MDG below. 
-In attachment, you ll also find the programme and the preliminary
agreement programme.



Info Letter Training  / from Riikka Jalonen ;  riikka.jalonen at minijellonat.fi

Dear Friends, 

In beginning of July 2005 my organisation Minijellonat ry will
organise together with other Finnish NGO´s an international training
for trainers about United Nations Millennium Developmental Goals
(MDG´s) and development education.

The training will gather 25 young global educators around Europe
together to design activities in order to inform children about
developmental issues and MDG`s.  The aim of the training is to design
MDG manual for developmental educators in the field of formal and
informal education. During the ten days trainers around Europe will
share their ideas and exchange tools and methods in order to create a
manual of MDG-activities for children. The manual will consist
creative and practical activities to inform children about MDG`s and
aim to raise global solidarity and awareness about interconnection
between the wealth in North and poverty in South. The target group of
the activities will be young children (aged 7-12 years old) who learn
by playing and doing rather than by reading and listening. All the
activities will be also tested with a group of children during the

The idea is not to design completely new activities but rather gather
up all the good ideas and practises that exist already and shape up
and develop them. We believe that many good practises have been
created and are used around Europe but the information about those
good practises is not shared and spread between organisations. Even
within a country the information is not passed from one organisation
to another  - and on European level the information gap is even

The aim is to create interactive, inspiring and stimulating atmosphere
where young global educators can share their knowledge and skills,
evaluate their proficiency and learn from each other. Great attention
will also be given on the dissemination of the outcomes of the
training in order to maximise the number of individuals and
organisations that can benefit from the results of the training. All
the participants have the responsibility of disseminating the project
results in their own countries and organisations as well as taking
care of the translation of the manual to their language. The manual
will be written firstly in English, which is the language used in
training. The manual will also be put on many national and
international Internet pages (e.g. UN`s Millennium Campaign, EU´s and
CoE´s Youth- Training pages and North-South Centre's newsletter.)

The training will be held 3. - 13.7.2005 in Harjattula conference
centre near Turku, Finland. The participants will be young NGO-
representatives, youth workers, leaders, teachers and trainers from
Finland, Estonia, Holland, Portugal, Germany, Malta, Cyprus, Kosovo,
Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Sweden. Each organisation can sent
two participants to the training. All the participants are expected to
have good knowledge about the content of MDG´s, and experienced in
developmental education and working with children.

The training will be organised with the support from YOUTH-program.

With best regards, 

Riikka Jalonen
Project coordinator, Minijellonat ry
Address: Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21 b, 5.krs, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
+358-207 488 429
riikka.jalonen at minijellonat.fi


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Have you checked out the infoletter about the training that I put on
the files last weekend? If not, please do so. That can be also used
for introducting the training for your collegues in your
organisation. And Im still waiting fot feedback from the daily

Now I did put new file again. Thats the preliminary agreement paper
for the training. I need that for the application form. So can you
fill it and fax it to me next week? Not this week as im off for a
training and If Im not here the fax can get easily lost. Or you can
e-mail it to me anytime!

Im still happy to answer any questions and happy to have any
suggestions about the training. I wrote to SALTO´s (EU education
centre) education adviser about our training and she was really
interested in joining the project! And gave me some valuable
feedback about the training idea and daily programme. She also said
she really liked the idea and tries to come to Finland next July to
observe (and help us with) the training...COOL!

And I have find some people with right attitude to join the trainers
team. One is my friend from Italy (he is going to be in Finland for
another training in June, so there is not going to be any travel
cost...) and another is from Stockholm. They are the best trainers
ever and so much fun! I will tell you more about the trainers team
later on!

So please fill the preliminary agreement paper, fax it to me (Put my
name on big letter on the top of the paper, or it will get lost...!)
or e-mail it or even post it, if you think it will arrive in Finland
within two weeks!

The fax number is: +358 0207 488 507
address: Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21 B, 5 krs
        00100 Helsinki

So more information next week again, now Im off for 3 days Cultural
Diversity course.

Hug to all of you,

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