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Sat Jan 8 19:54:29 CET 2005

Wassaýl Fellows!

A number of organýsatýons have asked about joining
FYEG. I have written to all of them sending
application forms to the email addresses below which I
believe to be the correct contact for that

If you are from that organýsatýon and have not had
these forms please wrýte to me on thýs address
markus at fyeg.org

Also ýf you have sent these forms by post or to
another EC member or to the offýce I have not seen
them. We need to know ýf you are applyýng for
organýsýng the GA so please wrýte to me ýmmedýately
and say ýf you have applýed - we need to know ýn the
next week thanks:

Markus Petz Communýcatýons Offýcer on behalf of FYEG

No application submitted and no satisfactory reply
when asked

7.Northern Ireland Young Greens - Shane Ó hEorpa
<shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at gmail.com>,
8. Swiss Young Greens - Sophie Michaud Gigon 
<somichaud at gmx.ch>, 
9. South Tyrol Young Greens (Italia) - Andi  Gschleier
<andi.gschleier at virgilio.it>, 
10.Natura Futura-Joves Verds Valencia (Espana) -
  Esteban Morelle <emorelle at elsverds.net>, 
11. Slovakia Young Greens - Silvia Brozkova 
<sbrozkova at pobox.sk>, 
12. Madrid Young Greens (Espana) - Jorge Juan Morante
López <losverdes2003 at hotmail.com>, 
13. Luxemburg Young Greens - Christian Bomb 
<greng at greng.lu>, 
14. Italian Young Greens (Italia) - Rafi Korn
<rafi.korn at tiscali.it>, 
15. Iliosporoi (Greece) - Michalis Theodoropoulos
<iliosporoi at yahoo.gr>, 
16. Salvati Vama Vechi (Romania) - Miroslav 
Tascu-Stavre <m_tascu at yahoo.com>, 
17. Ecolo (Belgium) – Frédéric Horsch - 
frederic.horsch at ecolo.be
18. Estonia Young Greens – Valdur Lahtvee
valdur.lahtvee at seit.ee, 
19. Georgian Green Party (No workable email and
delegate spoken to in Dublin has not got back in
20. Moldova Green Party (no workable email and
inquiries through NGOs and Prime Minister not given
any result)
21. Albanian Young Greens - Ilir Isai
<ilirisai at hotmail.com>, 
22. Slovenian Youth Party - Igor Jakovac 
<jakovac.igor at siol.net>, 
23. Iceland Green Party - <vg at vg.is>
24. Latvian Young Greens - <info at zp.lv>
  Other organizations:

25. Turkish Young Greens - Zeynep Guzel 
<beehivez at excite.com>, Zeynep has stated they will 
not be applying to join as an MO in 2005.

26. Earth Savers (Kosovo) - Robert Fejzulahu 
<earthsavers_ks at hotmail.com>, Robert originally asked
for assistance, so I advised him to talk with Rrhamon,
which he did. He then reqested if they could apply, he
was told this was possible, but no filled in
aplication form was sent back after he had a blank
27.Biljana Puleska <biljanapuleska at yahoo.com>,(was
part of Montenegro prep team) She was in an
organisation(based in Montenegro) and it was talked
about them joinging FYEG. I wrote to her to ask
situation and have had no reply. I do not think they
want to apply to be an MO.
28. SHPRESA (Macedonia), no email contact given, asks
for collaboration. I have sent info I have to Suncica
in Macedonia to work on networking and project she is
developing. I do not think they want to become an MO.
29. Mexican Organisations - informed that they are not
European and best for them not to apply, but they can
if they want. No further indication that they want to
30. Quercus (Portugal) - Antonio Luis Campos
<antcampos at yahoo.com>, interested in working with us.
Antonio told me his organisation had a structure
unsuitable for applying for MO status. 

31. Congolese Youth Network {Congo} Olivier Moukala
Bangama <cnp_cb at yahoo.fr>, originally asked for
partnership and collaboration. Later he asked to apply
for membership. I wrote to him advising him he was not
in Europe but could apply if he wanted to. I wrote to
EC asking decision as to our position. He has applied
for membership.

32. Bosnian Young Greens, Nothing more since last
Annual Report.

33. Obywavel – Polish NGO, Nothing more since last
Annual Report. Our contact has moved onto be involved
within the Polish Greens. Organisation produces a
newsletter and is known to Polish Young Greens.

34. Reform Party of Gibralter info at reformparty.gib,
asked if they have a Youth Branch. No reply.

35.  YKP Youth  {Occupied Territory of North Cyprus} –
Murat Kanatli muratkanatli at yahoo.com, asked if
interested in becoming members. Stated at present not
applying, but want to keep the positive working
relationship with FYEG.

36. Simo contact with Danish Socialists. No
applýcatýon for membershýp.

Markus Petz
Communications Officer
Federation of Young European Greens 


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