[fyeg_gen-l] Nigerian Campaigns Assistance Sought by Nigerian Dr.

markus petz councillortothewise at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 27 19:05:39 CET 2005

If interested in supporting or aiding the campaigns
read. Please reply directly to the Dr.


> This is an enquiry e-mail from Dr. Chukwumuanya
> Igboekwu John-kennedy (drmuanya at yahoo.com) 
> I am 25,and a young medical doctor from Nigeria. I
> am presently an action partner of the Oxfam
> International Youth parliament(OIYP),sydney
> Australia.
> I am working in a rural hospital hospital in
> kontagora, Niger state (as medical officer),Nigeria.
> I am currently the program manger of a youth led
> community based non governmental organisation(NGO),
> also based in Niger state, Nigeria.
> We are currently undertaking projects on HIV/AIDS
> aimed at reducing the burden of the pandemic in the
> rural communities in Niger state.
> We are currently planning to extend our programming
> activities into areas of environmental protection
> and biodiversity conservation. Specifically we want
> to start a state wide campaign against bush burning
> ,indicriminate logging activities and the excessive
> use of artificial fertilizers for farming activities
> in the rural areas. These practices are seriosly
> threatening the ecological equilibrium of this
> entire area.
> Bush burning is causing so much ecological damage to
> the savanna grassland in this region of Nigeria.
> Most of these burning activities are deliberately
> set up by hunters looking for wild animals and game.
> One of the consequeces is the desert encroachment
> currently threatening the region. 
> We feel we must act now to save the biodiversity in
> this region of Nigeria.
> HOwever we lack the technical competence and
> capacity to successfully undertake this campaing. It
> is for this reason that we are writing to the
> assistance in this regard.
> Our humble request is for the FYEG to assist us in
> buiding our capacity in form of training and other
> forms of technical support. We sincerely believe
> that our organisation will benefit immensely in this
> regard by  joining FYEG in an 'observer ' membership
> status.
> We shall be be happy to furnish you with any
> information that you may wish to obtain concerning
> our organisation.
> looking forward to hearing from you.
> thank you.
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Markus Petz
Communications Officer
Federation of Young European Greens 


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