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Call for Prep Team Members!
Study Session Islam in history and present of Europe

Dear friends,

FYEG will organise with the support of the Council of Europe a Study Session
with the title "Islam in history and present of Europe" from 14th to 21st of
August 2005 in Strasbourg.
For this Study Session, we are looking for four people that would like to
join the preparatory team. This team prepares, organises and carries out the
Study Session, takes care of the selection of the participants and of their
preparation. The prep team is responsible for the report and the follow up
of the Study Session.
People, who are interested please send the attached application form to Ska
ska at fyeg.org . Deadline is 20th of March 2005. Applications that arrive
after this deadline will not be taken into consideration.
We explicitely invite women and young people with a muslim background to
The team will be chosen by the Executive Committee of FYEG.

What we request:
-         when applying for the prep team, you have to be able to attend the
whole Study Session
-         you need to attend the prep meeting in Strasbourg. The dates of
the meeting are not known yet, but it will be approximately two month before
the Study Session.
-         Team work is absolutely necessary
-         You should have regular internet access at least 3 month before
and 3 weeks after the study session
-         It is of advantage to be able to make yourself understood in
-         It is of advantage to have experience with youth work on regional,
national and/or international level and with seminars and young groups
-         It is of advantage if you already have a relation and insight to
the topic.

What we offer:
-         we offer you to gain skills in organising and implementing
-         we give you an insight to international youth work
-         a space to realise your ideas about technologies and group working
-         an experience you will never forgetJ
-         contacts to youth organisations
-         full travel reimbursement

The seminar will take place in an European Youth Center which provides all
possible facilities. The project is funded and supported by the Council of
You should be aware that organisaing a Study Session means that you will
need to commit some time and energy to the Session beforehand but also
If you would wish to participate in the Study Session as a participant,
please send your application only after the "Call for participants" was

Aims of the seminar: (taken from the application)
1.    The idea for this Study Session arose out of the need of
communication: we saw the tendency of people to generalize, and then
stereotype. Muslims especially faced problems because a lot of people
associated Islam with terror. As politically active youth we cannot accept
this generalization. Nevertheless we have to acknowledge the problem and try
to fight it. We try to look at the topic; not as "discovering   Islam", but
as a dialogue. Together we want to talk about problems, our view on them and
possible solutions. FYEG wants to get in closer contact to NGOs with an
Islamic background or to NGOs in countries with a big Muslim population. We
want to build up and strengthen co-operation with those organisations. This
should help us to open our minds and broaden our horizon. We don't want to
forget that Islam is not a far away religion but that in Europe large Muslim
communities  exist and also countries with a Muslim majority. Since we don't
have member organisations in these countries, we want to help youth
organisations with similar aims as FYEG to grow and to become part of our

Our objectives are the following:
            - Fight against prejudices
            - Support communication between Islamic and non-islamic youth
            - Gain knowledge about the history of Europe and the religion of
            - Develop future projects
            - Strengthen the link of FYEG and NGOs in Islamic countries
- Continue the process of getting closer contacts to youth NGOs with a
Muslim background or from Muslim countries
            - Follow up the long term projects "Crossing the Meditereanean -
Youth Dialog Migration"

This is how the agenda could look like:

1st day Arrival day
Welcoming of the participants
Getting to know each other, Ice-breaking games

2nd day
Energizer, Introduction to the day
Introduction to the week's program, Aims and objectives of the seminar,
FYEG, CoE, Democratic rules, working procedures, technical remarks
Expectations and motivations

First input into the topic: a look into the history:
Lecture on history of Islam in Europe
Q&A, Discussion
Workshops on aspects of the history of Islam and Europe
Topics could include:  a closer look at the person Mohammad, early history
of Islam; Al-Andaluz, the Muslim Spain; Ottomans in Europe; history of
Workshop topics can be suggested by the participants

3rd day
Energizer, Introduction to the day
Presentations of yesterday's workshops
What role does religion play in your identity?
Talking about personal identity and the role of religion in our lives
Discussion with expert input: What is Religion? What are common values of
religions? Is culture religious? Continuation in Working Groups.

4th day
Energizer, Introduction to the day
The influence of Islam on Europe
Lecture: Influence of Islamic culture on European cultures and examples
Working groups on: Islamic art in Europe, the Islamic roots of sciences,
influence of culture of the Islamic world on Europe
How is the perception of Europe among Muslims?
à Role play/theatre

5th day
Energizer, Introduction to the day
The field visit should go to a NGO that works around the topic and is
located in the surrounding of the EYC. We still don't know exactly where we
will go to.
Free afternoon

6th day
Energizer, Introduction to the day
Migration of Muslims to Europe and how this influences Europe
Movie and discussion

Countries with a Muslim majority on their way to the European Union:
Examples Turkey, Bosnia i Herzegovina, Albania

Keynote speeches from participants from these countries about the countries
relationship to the EU
Discussions with the help of texts and personal knowledge

7th day
Energizer, Introduction to the day
Project development in form of an Open Space Technology
Further development of projects
Final discussion of the statement that was developed during the week by a
statement team
Evaluation of the Study Session

8th day Departure Day
Breakfast and departure of participants

For more information and to send your application form, please contact Ska
ska at fyeg.org
Please remember that the Deadline is 20th of March 2005.

All best wishes
Fundraiser of FYEG
ska at fyeg.org

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