[fyeg_gen-l] partner call - "What do you believe in!?" / "What a crazy world we´re livin´in!?"

Natalie Debono ndebono at onvol.net
Tue Feb 15 21:32:50 CET 2005

I have your e-mail from the euromed platform and want to tell you about
a nice networking project which is already approved by the Austrian
National Agency. Your participation is of course free and very easy and
not time consuming at all. You just have to be interested in culture,
arts and history and able to express your personal oppinion to our
topics (What do you believe in? What a crazy world we are living in!?)
by writing a short essay or poem, drawing or painting a picture, making
topic-related photographs etc. Further you can share your oppinions and
ideas in our interactive forum. The product is really in the
planning-process already and will come out as a nice book+cd which is
going to be distributed globally!!! The most of you are the first
representants of your country which is very good :)
To make the process of participation clear, we already have the needed
sources (financial, technical etc.) and just need to widen the amount of
participants (quantitative) and countries (delegations), so we really
look forward that YOU are going to join our nice community with a lot of
interested and MOTIVATED people. 
What is it about - THE TOPIC: 
"What do you believe in!?" as well as "What a crazy world we´re
What do we expect from you - YOUR TO DO´s: 
We expect your full commitment in the project, which means that you take
time (at least once a fortnight) to think of the theme and to contribute
in the FORUM (post topic and reply to messages) and CHAT (going to fixed
Chat Sessions twice every month) and UPLOAD your creative art work
(drawings/paintings, lyric/prose/poetry/short stories or essays,
photography, music, video clips etc.) and to visit the website
frequently (to stay updated with our funcions NEWS and CALENDAR) as well
How you can participate: 
This is very simple, just write an e-mail with the following contents
your NAME, NICKNAME, E-MAIL, ART INTEREST, MOTTO (favourite quotation)
AND your PHOTO (please in .jpg or .bmp formats only) to
<mailto:info at chinchorro.org> info at chinchorro.org 
and then you get full access to all the tools by your own USER LOGIN! 
IMPORTANT: The creative work phase started by today, February 1st and
will end after 6 month. In this period you have to be active, motivated
and creative to upload a lot of good art stuff as all UPLOADED documents
are being VOTED by all users which means that the BEST art work enters
the beautiful and exclusive art catalogue (BOOK-CD) which will be
published and distributed globally. 
If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to ask us (
<mailto:bandi at chinchorro.org> bandi at chinchorro.org ) We await your
e-mail with the will for active participation or your critics/ideas! 
Chinchorro Staff 
PS: We urgently look for PARTNERS from HUNGARY, SLOWENIA, SLOVAKIA and
CZECH REPUBLIC - if you have any contacts to NGO´s in these countries,
please tell them about us - forward this information please! thanks. 

Western Austria - EUROPE 
e-mail:  <mailto:info at chinchorro.org> info at chinchorro.org 
web: http://  <http://www.chinchorro.org/> www.chinchorro.org 
hotline: +43 699 10121065 
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