[fyeg_gen-l] Waves of bloody repressions of the public demonstrations with Kinshasa: vulgarizing and worship of impunity

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      we inform you to our social life and reality of work ion congo.
The beginning of the first half of 2005 seems to be characterized by a wave of bloody repressions of any public demonstration with Kinshasa. Congolese in their majority has still fresh in their memory, this intervention preventive and bloody of the police force at the Higher Institute of Trade (ISC) of Kinshasa/Gombe. It is the same among that of a movement of protest against any prolongation of the transition, January 10, 2005. In the case of the ISC, several tens of students were atrocious victims of acts whose agents of the order were the authors. Students, personnel academic, administrative and scientific were forced and stripped of all their effects. One even regretted died of man. Last 10 January, of the demonstrators who had taken by storm some arteries of the capital to say not to any possibility of carryforward of elections or prolongation of the transition, were loosely cut down and several of between them wounded seriously. So far, some of between them never went b
 their wounds. But after all these deaths, it is curious to note unfortunately that certain compatriots without any respect for deaths, give each other the luxury to discuss on the number of the people killed on the place of these demonstrations. The public authorities which are, in the majority of the cases, shown to be responsible for these slaughters, have this tendency to minimize if not reduce the number of deaths, like if a death or two were not worth absolutely anything compared to the number previously announced. And that it is necessary to have as much of it so that they can be touched in their heart. It is as rare as the same authorities refer to wounded whose fate seems normal. Vis-a-vis for this attitude with décrier and to condemn, it is advisable to recall that the Congolese legislation protects the human life. Indeed, no one cannot be arbitrarily private life and the law to the life is protected by the law. The constitution of our country as well as the interna
 legal instruments ratified by the democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) devote the crowned character of the human person as well as life. It follows that any individual who deprives another of the life, exposes himself to the legal proceedings and must incur such a strong sorrow likely to lead it to amend itself. The agents of the order which distributed death on January 10 and on February 2 the last, as well as the people to which they are subordinates must answer their acts in front of the courts of jurisdiction. If not, we are likely to devote the culture of the impunity of the executants and the clients. Consequently, they will have to be translated into justice to have caused the death of their similar. It is completely inadmissible and disproportionate to repress an unauthorized public demonstration in blood. Logic would like that the initiators of the unauthorized public demonstrations are challenged and punishes in accordance with the law. Moreover the penal sanction pl
 for this type of infringement cannot be equivalent to the death penalty. Another thing, the agents of the order in particular those of the police force, the army or the services of safety must be formed beforehand before being useful in these bodies, to avoid damage like those of January 10 and February 2. Except the specific training within the framework of their work, they must be initiated with the notions of the humans right so that they know that such or such other act is prohibited by the law and that they could be condemned if ever they ridiculed the basic rights. It is not normal that the agents of the order are recruited after a fashion, less recycled, if not they will always represent a permanent threat for the peaceful population which they are supposed to protect. Congolese justice must also leave its torpor and really play its constitutional part of guarantor of the personal freedoms and the basic rights of the citizens. Undoubtedly that it is confronted with se
 obstacles following the example provisions of the constitution which want that a minister who makes himself penally responsible for the acts achieved in the performance of his duties is put in charge before the supreme Court of justice by the French National Assembly which will then have decided in the majority of two thirds of the members who make it up. What several observers consider impossible during this transitional period which devotes the logic of the components and, by rebound, that of impunity. Relevant Bonds Central Africa Congo-Kinshasa Conflict, Peace and Safety It would have however to be noted that early or late these people who deprive our populations of life in the greatest illegality, will be caught up with even by international justice. The blood of these deaths soon will shout revenge. Did one forget the episode of Agusto Pinochet with British judge Balthazar Garson, the setting in examination of Congolese of opposite Jean-François Dengué in France, and o
 officers military Mauritanians for acts of tortures made in their country, etc?

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