[fyeg_gen-l] Massive exodus of the peasants of Low-Congo towards Congo-Brazzaville Kinshasa, RD

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    Massive exodus of the peasants of Low-Congo towards Congo-Brazzaville Kinshasa, RD Congo, 05/02 - many peasants, in particular of the farmers, stockbreeders and pisciculturists of Maduda, in the province of Low-Congo, cross each day the border of Kimpangu towards Congo/Brazzaville, fleeing the brimades and other police annoyances on behalf of the persons in charge for the police force and of the services of safety of the Democratic Republic of Congo, pays Friday Congolese l`Agence of press (ACP), in its daily bulletin. According to l`ACP, the commander of the police force and the persons in charge for the services of safety and public maintenance of l`ordre in post office at the border of Kimpangu behave as true torturers of the population, acting as in a conquered territory. They are delivered without being worried with arbitrary arrests and illegal compromise perception d`amendes even for conflicts pain-killers, in particular of the arguments in the hearths or between t
 teenagers, and even for a rupture of the relations of engagement. These fines are perceived in kind (animals or agricultural produce) or in cash sounding and stumbling whose amount exceeds the savings of the peasants by far. The notable ones which attends impotent all these scenes d`exploitation of the population by these same which are supposed to protect it, condemns the laxism of the chief of sector of Maduda and requests l`intervention of the provincial authorities for a possible replacement of these véreux frameworks.

  contact person :   olivier MOUKALA BANGAMA 
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