[fyeg_gen-l] Political Changes in Nepal!!

markus petz councillortothewise at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 9 10:57:35 CET 2005

Hi All

I have just had this mail from Nepal
In view of the political situation there I have
stripped the name of the sender from the mail.

Markus Petz

> Dear all,
> You probably know through the media about great
> political changes in
> Nepal. I am sorry; I could not inform you all about
> it on right time
> due to the lack of any means of communication for
> the last few days.
> All telephone lines were cut off, mobile network was
> not working and
> internet service was also closed since January 31.
> Even I was unable
> to contact my parent and friends living different
> part of the country.
> Though, it is late but I thought to inform you all
> about current
> situation in Nepal.
> King Gyanendra on January 31 dissolved the Deuwa-led
> coalition
> government and took over the executive power and
> formed a government
> under his chairmanship. He has also declared State
> of Emergency (SoE)
> through out the country, has suspended several
> fundamental rights of
> the citizens guaranteed by the 1990 constitution.
> The major suspended
> fundamental rights suspended during emergency are as
> follows.
> •	Freedom of Opinion and Expression
> •	Freedom to assemble peacefully and without arms
> •	Freedom to form unions and associations.
> •	Press and publication rights
> •	Right against preventive detention
> •	Right to information
> •	Right to property
> •	Right to privacy
> •	Right to constitutional remedy through
> jurisdiction.
> The SoE was also imposed on November 2001, when the
> Maoists did a big
> military attack on army barracks and looted several
> weapons in mid
> western part of Nepal. Again, the country is under
> the SoE and people
> are compelled to live without their fundamental
> rights. The executive
> power is under the King's chairmanship.
> The king in his public statement to country has
> repeatedly spoken his
> commitment for multi-party democracy and
> parliamentary system but the
> role of political parties for strengthening
> democracy has been
> neglected. King in his statement has also committed
> for respecting and
> obeying human rights but we need to wait and see the
> response of the
> present government for strengthening democracy and
> respecting human
> rights in the future.
> The statement given by USA, India, UN and the other
> countries about
> recently developed political event is against of
> royal action. But the
> China has given their comment as internal affair of
> Nepal for the
> recent political changes in Nepal. Most of the
> international
> communities seem quite worried about the recently
> developed situation
> in Nepal.
> The statement given by the political parties and
> human rights
> community also condemned the King's action. The
> latest media reports
> and statement of security body says that some of the
> political
> activists and journalists are arrested as because of
> their opinion
> against King's action.
> This is just for now. I will send you an update of
> the situation of
> the people, political parties, human rights and
> civil society
> organization according to the situation existed in
> Nepal. The common
> are quite confused about the future of the country.
> Though some of the
> groups of people are also welcomed the King's step
> to take the
> executive power. But it is really thinkable about
> political stability
> and respect of human rights and strengthening
> democratic practices in
> Nepal. We are compelled to live in confused and
> chaos. We are only in
> the position praying for peace and political
> stability in the country.
> With Regards

Markus Petz
Communications Officer
Federation of Young European Greens 


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