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looks quite interesting for finding moneys for running
projects esp the Indigineous Peoples one that is
mentioned below in the email from Dante.

Let me know if you have any luck with these.

markus petz 

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> initiative for Democracy and Human Rights

-Europe Aid- Call for Proposals in the Framework of
Democracy and Human Rights

More below

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Subject: [balkans] CfA: European initiative for
Democracy and Human Rights

The Europe Aid Cooperation Office of the European
Commission has
recently published two new calls for proposals in the
framework of the
European initiative for Democracy and Human Rights.

1) Combating Racism, Xenophobia, & Promoting the
rights of Minorities:
published on 11/01/2004, deadline 12/04/2005

2) Support for promoting the rights of Indigenous
Peoples: published
on 11/01/2004, deadline 26/04/2005

All the necessary information is available via the
following website: 



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Markus Petz
Communications Officer
Federation of Young European Greens 

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