[fyeg_gen-l] Green Blessings.

Mike Nickerson sustain5 at web.ca
Wed Dec 21 18:33:15 CET 2005

Love and Friendship are sustainable.

	The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of the 
future.  The fulfilling pleasures of sharing with 
friends and family are good for the Earth.  
Conversation, song and laughter, dance and games 
consume no resources and create no waste.  May 
your holiday activities bring you joy and peace.

	In the New Year the Green Party invites you 
to join with us to help make decisions for a healthy 
planet.  Together, we can ensure that quality food 
and shelter allow our childrens' childrens' children 
to celebrate with each other in warmth and security, 
as they too wait for the days to grow brighter.

	Best wishes for the Season.

		from	Mike Nickerson and
			Donna Dillman

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	Please pass this greeting forward.

     The goals we pursue are the seeds 
	from which our future grows.

	See "The Challenge and the Goal" at: 

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