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Call for Participants for the Study Session "Women Power"

Held by FYEG in partnership with the Council of Europe


Time: 2 - 9 of April 2006

Place: Budapest, Hungary

Deadline: 29th of January 2006 


FYEG is looking for 30 women to participate in the above mentioned Study Session. Please note that this call is open only for women! 


Holding an activity for one gender only is quite untypical for FYEG. However, we deem it necessary to reserve a place for women only this time in order to be able to discuss gender roles, women in politics and the system of power from an explicitely female perspective. 


During the Study Session, we will analyse gender roles in society and poltics; we will discuss the maleness or not of power; we will try to find answers to the question why women are less involved in politics and will also have a close look into the structures of our own organisations and whether they promote or prevent gender equality. Please find more details below!


Profile of participants:

The participants have to be women and should be younger than 31 (a few exceptions are possible, however). You should be interested in gender issues, willing to invest time for the preparation of the Study Session, willing to contribute to the discussions and open for opinions that contradict to your own. The Study Session will be a pretty intensive week and full participation is required. The working language will be English, so you should be able to express your opinion in English; although I want to stress that hardly any of us will be a native speaker and that mistakes and the use of hand and feet during communication are normal and welcome. We aim to have a geographical balance and we especially invite young women who are active on local/regional/national/international level. Members of Member Organisations of FYEG will have priority but we do not restrict the participation to them. Everybody who is interesting in FYEG and the topic can apply. It is absolutely necessary that you are able to attend the full duration of the Study Session.



Travel costs, food and accomodation will be paid and provided by the Council of Europe. There will be a participation fee of 45 EUR which will be deducted from your travel reimbursement.

If you want to apply please fill in the attached application form and send it back to ska at fyeg.org by 29th of January 2006. The participants will be selected in the first half of February.



Further info on the Study Session (taken from the application. The whole application can be found at www.fyeg.org )


·        to support young women and help them take up their rights

·        to analyse gender roles in society and within our own organisation

·        to support a real gender balance (not only given by numbers)

·        to build up a network of young green women (men always network and profit out of this)

·        to support the active citizenship of women

·        to promote alternative working methods of working that women are comfortable with as a way of better communication, team work and conflict prevention

·        to provide participants with knowledge about women's 
organisations, their work and accessability - in order to enhance their 
further development and contacts, when they go back to their "mixed 

·        help women to find a comfortable and rewarding way of living in 
society, help them find their place with their emancipated/emancipating 

·        to raise awareness of women rights as human rights

·        to reach real gender balance within FYEG

·        to increase the contribution of women in following FYEG activities

·        to start a gender network within FYEG



Program Outline


1st day Saturday

Arrival of participants


Getting to know each other evening with games, icebreakers


2nd day Sunday

Getting to know each other better

Introduction to FYEG, COE, programm, internal rules of FYEG


Lecture: What are gender roles? How do they effect our daily life?

Questions and discussions

Personal experience: what experience do you have concerning gender roles?


3rd day Monday

behaviour of men and women in meetings and debates - big difference?

Video exercise to find out the differences

What is the "female" way of debating/working?

Exercises to find out personal behaviour and mannerism

Training/help by an expert


4th day Tuesday

lecture: How women influence the peace keeping in the world


intensiv discussions in working groups

working groups on:

-         history of women's rights movement, perspectives

-         women's rights are human rights: what can international organisations such as the UN do?

-         How education influences gender roles. What is our idea about gender equal education?


5th day Wednesday

Study Visit to a women's rights organisation in Budapest

Free Afternoon

Dinner in town



6th day Thursday

Role play session with theatre trainer

(including preparation, role play and intensive evaluation discussion)



7th day Friday

Evaluation of performing arts day

Working groups: What can we change within our organisation to reach gender equality?

Presentation of results

Skills market: the participants offer their skills to the others

Gender trouble party 


8th day Saturday

Open space to find new gender related projects and ways of Networking

Evaluation of the week

Farewell party


9th day Sunday

Departure Day



The programme will be specified by the prep team.


Looking forward to your applications! J

Ska Keller

Spokesperson of FYEG

ska at fyeg.org



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