[fyeg_gen-l] Ukraine! Chornobyl will never stop!!!

Ольга Фомина fomina123 at ukr.net
Tue Dec 13 16:55:34 CET 2005

                                                    Press Release

    All Europe knows and remembers the tragedy of Chernobyl 1986. This made some countries of Europe to give up the use of nuclear energy at all. Today in Ukraine there are so much victims and people can not forget evil, which a peaceful atom brought. And what we see?
 Head of country declares that for the sake of raising of economic level it is useful to allow to the countries of Europe to bring together and abandon on Ukraine nuclear depart. 
 It is wanted to convert Ukraine into a nuclear dump!!!
Green youth of Ukraine together with Green Party opened the war against this decision!
We ask our European colleagues to support us and to express their thoughts about it/
 We say NO to the President of Ukraine!!!
We had well-known “orange revolution”  and we believed in this person!
Now he is going to dispose  of health and the future of our children…

You can see here photos from our actions.
Green Youth of Ukraine


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