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Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) NEWSLETTER 05.12.05

0. Contents
1. Upcoming activities
2. Statements & press material
3. News on Member Organisations of FYEG
4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others
5. Technical section

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1. Upcoming activities

Gender Evolution
Dates: 4.12.-10.12.2005
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Contact: ivana at zeleni.org.yu
Info: A study session produced by the CDN (http://www.cdnee.org) and
hosted at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, it will build on and
deepen the gender network initiative in the CDN.

Crossing the Meditterranean - Youth Dialogue on Human Rights
Dates: 21.1.-29.1.2006
Location: Melilla, Spain (North Africa)
Contact: ska at fyeg.org
Info: A meeting primarily on the issues of refugees and human rights. The
deadline for organisations to apply to participate has already passed, but
maybe your own organisation has not yet filled up its places? Ask your own
international representative!

FYEG Wintercamp
Time: February 2006
Location: Austria
More info coming soon

FYEG General Assembly
Dates: 9.3.-12.3.2006
Location: Poznan, Poland
Contact: ska at fyeg.org
Info: The FYEG yearly General Assembly will be held in Poland in 2006.

Women Power; study session
Dates: 2.4.-9.4. 2006
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Contact: ska at fyeg.org
Info: The study session "Women into power!" should start an intensive
discussion about our own way of working and how to find ways to gender
balance within FYEG. Of course the aim goes further: if we find an
approach about how to deal with it within FYEG we also want to promote our
way in society to bring forward our ideas and make them become reality
also in other fields of life. For further requirements and info contact

Participation at the European Social Forum, Athens
Dates: 2006
Location: Athens, Greece
Info: The FYEG will participate in the European Social Forum. Persistent
rumours suggest that the event is being moved to May in stead of April. We
will return with more information when we have confirmation on this.

Green Choices vs. Consumerism
Dates: 29.4.-7.5.2006
Location: Liepaja, Latvia
Contact: ijece at yahoo.com
Info: A seminar on consumer culture, advertisement and green choices,
produced by the CDN (http://www.cdnee.org).

Trafficking - a North-East European perspective
Dates: 2.5.-5.5.2006
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Contact: sami.hakkinen at tut.fi
Info: A seminar on human trafficking, held in conjunction with a meeting
of the European Green Party.

Minority Youth Empowerment
Dates: 26.5.-2.5.2006
Location: Romania
Info: The purpose is to train people involved in youth work in minority
youth issues: minority youth empowerment, minority rights, support
mechanisms and so on.

Interreligious conference
Dates: 2.7.-9.7.2006
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: ska at fyeg.org
Info: A conference on the matter of the coexistence of religions

Summer camp: European cultures - from the east to the west
Time: July 2006
Location: Serbia
Contact group: CDN

Gay and lesbian tolerance seminar
Time: August 2006
Location: The Netherlands
Contact group: Dwars

Seminar on economics in the Greens: Ungrowth and Commons
Time: August 2006
Location: Brittany, France
Contact group: Chiche!
Contact: aude at chicheweb.org, markus at fyeg.org
Details: A seminar looking at two coexisting and possibly conflicting
views on Green demands for a different world, those of the demand for an
end to growth and those of environmental and social improvement through
free access to services and goods.

Gender Initiative meeting
Time: September 2006
Location: still unknown

Euromed Youth Festival
Time: November 2006
Location: October


2. Statements & press material

Bi-monthly EC report of September – October 2005

The Executive Committee of FYEG has had one meeting during the past two
months, in Brussels, and several telephone conferences have also been
held. The usual tasks of the Executive Committee have been running
smoothly, with statements accepted, campaigns, seminars and materials
produced, political work and representation at events in the hands of the
spokespersons working all right.

On most of these issues the EC members will tell you in their personal
reports. The general report will thus focus on the EC as a whole.

The report can be found on the FYEG website:

Climate Change Action Day: EU must show leadership in climate talks

On 3 December, the World Climate Action Day, Green parties all over Europe
demonstrated their support for tougher measures to stop climate change by
organising actions in many European cities.


3. News from Member Organisations

Polish Young Greens among those attacked at pro-equality demonstration

A peaceful demonstration of pro-tolerance and pro-equality groups was
stopped and attacked violently by the police after the demonstrators
decided to ignore a ban issued by the administration, which they deemed
unconstitutional. The police first blocked the marchers for three hours,
then attacked, temporarily arresting about 60 people, among them many from
the file and rank of the Polish Green party and Polish Young Greens. The
marchers are threatened now by legal consequences and could face up to
5,000 zlotys (about 1,250 euro, a huge amount in Poland) in fines or
months in arrest.

The peaceful demonstration, planned  as a final mark of the three day long
Days of Tolerance and Equality in Poznan, had been banned by the mayor,
Mr. Ryszard Grobelny (PO - liberal party), saying that it could lead to
riots and violence and that it would be "a threat to property". The ban
was later held up by the head of the region Andrzej Nowakowski (SLD -
social democrats). The organizers of the march had then decided to call
for civic disobedience against what they said to be an "unconstitutional



4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others

European Green Party holds conference on the European Constitution: "How
to reconciliate Yes and No"

"The rejection of the Constitutional Treaty through the French and Dutch
referenda invites a reflection on the whole issue. We believe that a
democratic Constitution for the European Union is still a necessity if we
want to obtain a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable
future for our continent to play a positive and authoritative role on the
global stage. The question is in which way and through which process we
have to work to reach these common goals. The European Parliament should
be one of the central places for this debate. Albeit representing
different opinions with respect to the former Constitutional Treaty and
even if belonging to different progressive political groups, we believe it
a useful and very much needed initiative to launch an informal, free and
frank discussion on the road to take together with those who pursue the
same objectives outside of the European Parliament."

The FYEG Newsletter eagerly awaits any documents from the conference...


EGP looking for campaign trainee

The European Green Party and The Green parties across Europe are launching
a campaign against climate change which will begin on 16 February 2006.

The European Green Party is looking for a campaign Stagiaire-Trainee for
the Climate Change Campaign. The main responsibility for the stagiaire is
to work with publishing (web and print).

For more information, contact EGP campaign manager Panu Laturi
(panu.laturi at europeangreens.org, mobile: +32 498 166 632).


5. Technical section

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