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Aleksandar Jovanovic aleksandar at cdnee.org
Mon Dec 5 21:54:50 CET 2005

Dear green friends,

"A barrier-free Europe is one of the aims of the European Union. Only if the mobility of European citizens, especially young people, is guaranteed, human rights in Europe will be fulfilled. Unfortunately, the aim is not fulfilled, and reality is far from the optimal. This also includes the legal framework and documentation on which visa procedures are based. A society which, instead of keeping mobility only as a theoretical opportunity for young people, gives them the possibility to travel and work in other countries and cultures without being discriminated against. Our vision is a society without xenophobia and racism."

This is a quote from the Resolution made by representative of almost all Youth organisation in Europe gathered in European Youth Forum. As we all know, Europe is NOT supporting freedom of movement, one of the basic right we all have by the Declaration on Human Rights (UN)!

Young people of Europe decided to make a change and STOP THE INHUMAN treatment towards young people in relation to the youth work. You have attached the resolution that is a base of the Europe-wide campaign of Youth Forum that is on the way.

With this campaign we want to support movement of the young people and especially support the youth workers in realisation of their activities. At every meeting, every seminar, visa issues are playing an important role weather someone, mostly from eastern Europe, will come! This takes money, time, nerves and is excluding many from being active and participate!

As a representative of FYEG in the Youth Forum Council of Europe Affairs Commission, I took part in the meeting that took place in Moscow last weekend. We discussed in practice of how can we make this resolution stand points reality. Detailed report will be available soon but I would like to give you a short overview the campaign:

1. Promotion of the idea and support to the young people

In order to realise this objective in February the web site will be lunched carrying the information about the campaign, our aims and methods, clear time-line and MOST IMPORTANT - Section with overview of all embassies in Europe contacts and related information to issuing of VISA. This part aims to be a central point for all youth activists that are in need of VISA for their work travel. Apart from general information from the embassies, there will be also a forum with tips, recommendations and"non-formal" information on how to get visa in the embassy in question. Additionally, brochures will be printed with the aims of the campaign.

2. Lobbying at different levels for changes in regulations

In order to make changes in currently strange, un-organised, un-transparent and unclear procedures aim is to push decisions makers to react! In this sense, meetings have already started with the representatives of the institutions (CoE, EU, Commission, EU Parliament) and in spring it is expected that this will be taken to national level of other non-EU countries in order to make vice versa changes! Young Greens will be assisting the campaign group in making contacts with the Green MEPs.

3. Street actions - Campaign week

In order to make greater impact, it is planned to have a week of activities all over Europe where young people will in different way remind the public and the decision makers of the problem of the mobility for young people. THIS IS WHERE we hope you and your organisation will participate!!! In next month we will be discussing in FYEG and CDN of the ways we can coordinate the efforts and make some activities related to this. It is not still decided that we will take part in this week and the campaign as organisation but considering the importance of the issue it is quite likely.

Exact date of the campaign action week will be set soon - latest by January.

What I would like to stress here is that input of FYEG at the Moscow meeting was very high. I introduced several ideas that we have already realised with our Migrations Campaign and they found great support and are part of the conclusion coming from the meeting!!! 

These ideas are: Hammers for breaking fortress Europe, Immigrant wedding and the general idea of having Campaign action week! So, our Migrations Campaign is now continuing its life and is helping FYEG to spread the news of how good and active we are among other youth organisations!!!!

So, Young Greens rules!

I think you got the picture of how the campaign will look like and as well of how important it is that we do something to make this resolution position reality! I would like to ask you to e mail me if you are interested in the development of this campaign and would like to get, as things move on in Youth Forum, additional information and proposals for concrete actions you can do to support the initiative.

With best regards,

Aleksandar Jovanovic

- Member of Council of Europe Advisory Council
- Member of Youth Forum Council of Europe Affairs Commission of Youth Forum for FYEG

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