[fyeg_gen-l] FYEG work on Sustainable Development YFJ: Call for experts!

Aleksandar Jovanovic aleksandar at cdnee.org
Mon Dec 5 21:21:32 CET 2005

Dear young greens,

as some of you know FYEG is a member of European youth Forum (YFJ), organisation that almost all National Youth Councils and International Youth NGOs in Europe. In past years we have been taking part in their meetings and in last year put a bit more emphasis to their work with involving several people in their activities.

At last Council meeting of Youth Forum I was part of the working group on the policy paper on Sustainable Development. The draft document did not meet the criteria nor the quality that me and the other present organisation though it is needed to have in order to become official policy paper of Youth Forum (meaning, become a document to serve as a lobby tool and position paper of this biggest youth organisations towards other institutions and people).

Since FYEG has sustainable development in the core of its political platform I think that we need to give our input in order to make it bring it closer to green values. We have been given this chance now!

In the attachment you have the guidelines paper on the issue (draft version). It is now up to us to make the changes to the paper and make it greener!

DEADLINE for the amendments to this paper is 10th of January!!!!

SO, DEAR FYEG MOs, I would like to ask you to give me contacts of the people within our green network that are working on sustainable development and would like to give their input to the issue. CIRCULATE THIS LETTER - DISCUSS IT ON YOUR BOARD MEETING; it is important to give good input to this policy paper.

I believe that we all have something to say BUT IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS POLICY PAPER of a high value I think we need good and professional input. This way FYEG will be presented well and as organisation that has expert background for its work!

SO, AMIGOS, PLEASE be quick in the information sharing with me and I am sincerely hoping that we have capacities to develop this paper well as this area of work is directly related to our core values!



p.s. It is also good to know, that a person in Youth Forum working as policy officer for this area of work is a fellow green - Ludvig Hubendick from Sweden. 


Aleksandar Jovanovic

Member of Council of Europe Advisory Council
Member of Youth Forum Council of Europe Affairs Commission of Youth Forum for FYEG

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