[fyeg_gen-l] FW: European Green Party is looking for Campaign stagiaire

FYEG FYEG at europarl.eu.int
Mon Dec 5 15:24:30 CET 2005

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The European Green Party and The Green parties across Europe are
launching a campaign against climate change which will begin on 16
February 2006.

The European Green Party/European Federation of Green Parties aisbl is
looking for a campaign Stagiaire-Trainee for the Climate Change
Campaign. The main responsibility for the stagiaire is to work with
publishing (web and print). 

Title of the function: Campaign stagiaire

The work of the stagiaire will be to support EGP's campaign manager and
will include;
* Helping to plan and organize Campaign and campaign events
* Working with Indesign and Photoshop and helping to finalize
publication materials
* Setting up and updating Campaign's www-pages
* Co-operating and helping Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG)
with the campaign

The ideal candidate will:

* Have an excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (especially
Indesign and Photoshop)
* Have a knowledge of campaigning
* Be confident with working in English
* Have good written English skills
* Have a good general IT ability
* Have experience working with publications and www-pages
* Have sense of creativity.
* Be sympathetic to Green politics and policies

The work will last six months from 15.1.2006 to 15.7.2006. More
information on salary and accommodation from Panu Laturi.

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter (in English) before 14.00 on
Thursday 15.December 2005 to EGP campaign manager Panu Laturi
(panu.laturi at europeangreens.org, mobile: +32 498 166 632).

Panu Laturi
Campaign manager
European Green Party (EGP)

e-mail: panu.laturi at europeangreens.org
e-mail: panu.laturi at greens.fi    		(both have same inbox)

mobile: +32 49 816 6632	
office: +32 (0)2 626 0724 			

mobile: +358 50 520 8337

skype: panulaturi
skypein: +358 (0)9 2316 3663 *

* You can call me like to normal finnish number and it contacts to my
skype- internet telephone (price is same than normal telephonecall in


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