[fyeg_gen-l] 1st December! Fight against AIDS! Luttez contre le SIDA!

Boyan GRIGOROV boyan78 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 11:50:22 CET 2005

Dear Friends!

Today, the 1st December is the international day for
fight aginst AIDS/HIV!

I don't know if it is worth sayng that the number of
HIV positive people is augmenting drastically although
the efforts of the international society against the
spread of the disease! Today, there are more than 45
million people infected with HIV!
Many people underestimate the problem, especially with
the appearance of the tritherapy. They think, that
now, it's OK, it is not dangerous...Yes, at present,
there are medications expanding life of the
seropositive people, but remember that, there is still
NO medication eradicating the lethal virus. 
That means that sooner or later (depending on the
organism, the susceptibility to therapy, side effects,
etc...) the infected individuals will develop AIDS and

Everyone is responsible for his own prevention and to
a lesser extent, for the prevention of the others!

(not only today, but always:-)

Protégez-vous du SIDA!


(Bulgarian Greens)
Inserm U412-ENS de Lyon
Unité de Virologie Humaine
46, allée d'Italie
69364 Lyon Cedex 07
tel. 0033-4-72728624
fax: 0033-4-72728080

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