[fyeg_gen-l] Fyeg action: flyer

Joke Van de Putte jokevandeputte at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 20:18:04 CEST 2005

Some days ago, I sent you an e-mail about the action launching Fyeg's Tell me what I eat campaign. 
In the attachment, you can find a proposal for a flyer. The page with the logo's is the outside of the flyer, the page with the questions is the inside. The idea is to print both pages on an A4 and to fold them so that it is like a booklet. 
The flyer is in English, you can translate it into your language. If you want, you can add something about your own MO. If you prefer to make your own flyer, that's ok as well. This is just meant as an exemple. 
Please let me know whether someone from your MO is coming to Cyprus and how many readers and stickers you need. If no one from your MO comes to Cyprus, please give me an address to send the materials to. 
Lots of success with the action!
Joke Van de Putte
Fyeg Campaign Co-ordinator

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