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0. Contents
1. Activities and calls for participants
2. Report from the EC
3. Technical section

Doing an extra newsletter this week, to remind you of some important
call-outs and give you a report from the EC!


1. Upcoming activities

SPECIAL! Two calls for participation from the FYEG, PLEASE DISTRIBUTE THEM


Dear women of FYEG! Dear MOs!

Maybe you know this situation: you go to a meeting and there's only a few
women. You attend a discussion and there's only men speaking. There are
elections and no women runs for place number one. The president of your
green party - a man.

Maybe you have been wondering why women have the ideas but men say them;
why men don't have a problem to repeat what others already have said
whereas most women think what they think is not of importance; why women
do the job and men receive the honour.

If you have noticed this and you are not happy with this situation - now
it's time to start the change!

That is why the Executive Committee calls for a Gender Initiative Team: 10
women from all over Europe, from different MOs that will work from
September 2005 until spring 2007 on the following themes:

- analysing the working methods at seminars/meetings and structures of
FYEG from a gender perspective

- analyse reasons for lacks of gender equality

- check how the MOs and related organisations deal with equality (what
kind of methods they implement)

- formulating possible solutions/ procedures for change

Interested people can apply individually but we also ask our Member
Organisations to recommend a person. However, the applicants should
fullfill the following criteria:

- be female

- be aware of the problem and the wish to  reach gender equality

- have attended at least one FYEG activity (of whatever kind)

- (we also would like to invite one or two more external women to take
part. However, the mayority will consist of people who already have some
experience with FYEG)

- have a bit of time

The team will start working in autumn 2005. We will have at least one
meeting and FYEG will also have a Study Session on gender in 2006.
However, the most work will be done via e-mail and chat/internet.

Deadline for applications is 7th of August. If you have any questions,
don't hesitate to contact Ska Keller (ska at fyeg.org)


FYEG Wintercamp call for participant organisations

In February 2006 FYEG will organise, together with the Styrian Young
Greens, a wintercamp in Austria.


It will be organised as an action 1 of the Youth program with the deadline
of 1st of september 2006.

Therefore we call for partners in this exchange. Every partner
organisation should provide 3-4 participants and one group leader. The
exchange will work on political questions on how we see the European Union
in twenty years. Of course, some of the proposals will be discussed at the
General Assembly a few months later. That is why it is very important to
have many member organisations present at the wintercamp.

DEADLINE for application as a partner is 15th of august!

Please send an email to Arend Hamstra (arend at fyeg.org) if you would like
to have more information, and he will then send you the application form.


Islam Study Session
Dates: 14th - 21st of August 2005
Location: Strasbourg, France
Contact: ska at fyeg.org
More info:
(In progress!)

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Dates: 4th - 11th of September 2005 (including travel days)
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact: xefi at fyeg.org
Concept: Human rights seminar
Details: Final details will be sent to participants. Participant list is
not finalised, pending approval of the project from EU comission for
co-financing. Final list will be sent to participants on the 3rd of


2. "Bi-monthly" FYEG Executive Comittee report

At the General Assembly (GA) in Barcelona in March 2005 FYEG decided that
the members of the Executive Comittee (EC) should report to the membership
of their personal progress and general workings of the EC once every two

The EC is now going to report, and be better at reporting on time in the
future. The report in full is published on the FYEG web-site, at


3. Technical section

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