[fyeg_gen-l] Reminder: Call for Gender Initiative

Ska Keller tique007 at web.de
Tue Aug 9 20:43:49 CEST 2005

due to the holiday time i postpone the deadline for applicants for the gender initiative to 1st of September. I hope that gives you enough time to check your e.mail after a long, nice and relaxing holiday;-)
all best wishes!

Dear women of FYEG! Dear MOs!


Maybe you know this situation: you go to a meeting and there's only a few women. You attend a discussion and there's only men speaking. There are elections and no women runs for place number one. The president of your green party - a man. 

Maybe you have been wondering why women have the ideas but men say them; why men don't have a problem to repeat what others already have said whereas most women think what they think is not of importance; why women do the job and men receive the honour. 

If you have noticed this and you are not happy with this situation - now it's time to start the change!


Of course we don't want to generalize: there are women who successfully take the floor and positions in politics and there are men who don't like to stand in the circle of attention. But we have to acknowledge that these are only exceptions and that we still didn't reach a state of equality. Not in the greens - and not in FYEG.

During the years, in seminars, meetings, general assemblies we noticed the same phenomena as mentioned above. Maybe some MOs or countries are already a bit further than others - but that doesn't mean that we can stop and sit back. We want to strive for a real equality in FYEG - an equality that is not only reached in numbers but that is felt, realised and respected by our members.


That is why the Executive Committee calls for a Gender Initiative Team: 10 women from all over Europe, from different MOs that will work from September 2005 until spring 2007 on the following themes:

-         analysing the working methods at seminars/meetings  and structures of FYEG from a gender perspective

-         analyse reasons for lacks of gender equality

-         check how the MOs and related organisations deal with equality (what kind of methods they implement)

-         formulating possible solutions/ procedures for change


Interested people can apply individually but we also ask our Member Organisations to recommend a person. However, the applicants should fullfill the following criteria:

-         be female

-         be aware of the problem and the wish to  reach gender equality

-         have attended at least one FYEG activity (of whatever kind) 

-         (we also would like to invite one or two more external women to take part. However, the mayority will consist of people who already have some experience with FYEG)

-         have a bit of time


The team will start working in autumn 2005. We will have at least one meeting and FYEG will also have a Study Session on gender in 2006. However, the most work will be done via e.mail and chat/internet.


Deadline for applications is 7th of august. Please use the application form attached. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me! More information can be found in attachement.


All best wishes!

Ska Keller

Spokesperson of FYEG

ska at fyeg.org

phone: 00491705321250




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