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0. Contents
1. Activities
2. Statements & press material
3. News on Member Organisations of FYEG
4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others
5. Calendar
6. Technical section

Welcome to the new FYEG newsletter. If you have material that you want to
be distributed in the FYEG network, please send it to us at
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1. Upcoming activities

CDN Summer Camp 2005
Dates: 5th - 11th of August 2005
Location: Constantia, Romania
Contact: aleksandar at cdnee.org
More info: http://www.cdnee.org/projects/2005/summercamp.htm
(In progress!)

Islam Study Session
Dates: 14th - 21st of August 2005
Location: Strasbourg, France
Contact: ska at fyeg.org
More info:

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Dates: 4th - 11th of September 2005 (including travel days)
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact: xefi at fyeg.org
Concept: Human rights seminar
Details: Final details will be sent to participants. Participant list is
not finalised, pending approval of the project from EU comission for
co-financing. Final list will be sent to participants on the 3rd of


2. Statements & press material

Build Bridges not barriers say young Greens
(Published Monday, 8 August 2005)
The Federation of Young European Greens warmly salutes the IRA's decision
to lay down its arms. For young Greens, violence can never be the solution
to a problem no matter how great. "We hope"  Ska Keller, co-spokesperson
said "that the IRA's positive choice will encourage all to look for a long
lasting solution that respects both communities". Furthermore, the FYEG
make comparisons between events in Northern Ireland and those in


3. News from Member Organisations

Grünalternative Jugend Wien (who according to rumors are advancing well in
building a nationwide platform for Austria together with Grüne Jugend
Steiermark) are supporting a german protest in the Bayern town of
Wunsiedel to both commemorate the 60th anniversary of liberation from
fascism, as well as to show opposition to a planned “remembrance
march” for nazi leader Rudolf Hess, under the slogan “Fascism
is not an opinion, it is a crime”. The action day will be on the
20th of August. The newsletter wishes the Wienna Young Greens good luck!

The German Young Greens, Grüne Jugend, on their part are throwing
themselves into the election campaign for the general elections this
Autumn. With a nicely renewed website, an election-tour running from the
27th of August until the 18th of September and an exellent list of topics
to focus on, they receive the newsletters wishes for good luck as well!


4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others

In the end of August and the beginning of September there will be two
events organised by the Green Group of the European Parliament: one
bringing together local strong women of Turkey, the other focusing on the
responsibilities of the transport sector in the face of drastic climate

Meeting of Female Mayors of Turkey on Regional Development
August 31st, 2005, 15-18.30
at the European Parliament

Workshop on Climate Change and Transport
September 1st, 2005, 9-18
at the European Parliament


5. Calendar



"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Contact person: xefi at fyeg.org
Nicosia, Cyprus


Organic food campaign
Contact: joke at fyeg.org



FYEG Winter Camp
Contact: arend at fyeg.org


European Social Forum
Athens, Greece


6. Technical section

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FYEG is the Federation of Young European Greens. We can be reached at

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