[fyeg_gen-l] UK Elections How is it Going?

markus petz councillortothewise at yahoo.de
Mon Apr 25 09:43:19 CEST 2005

Hi All

I am in the eye of the storm. Between TV appearances,
talks to the small business federation and awaiting
radio shows and next public hustings I have stopped to
deliver my Freepost lealfet.

We get a free post leaflet for each candidate
delivered by the Post Office for free. The Campaign
here in Boston & Skegness has focused on 3 things:

Immigration - the area is full of Asylum Seekers (in
the hotels and guest houses) and Polish (who the
locals think are Russians because they are speaking
some funny language that is not English) and
Portuguese (although quite a few are actually
Brazillian). Hopefully thre will not be riots at the
election count, which happened last time, allegedly
stoked up by the BNP.

Transport - the local want a new bypass, even the
Green ones. The buses cannot run as the roads are too
inferior for them to travel on. The money has not been
spent on roads as the County has had so much
corruption money has been spent in other places, the
former Chairman, a Jim Speechley (CON-servative) is
now in prison and central government is threatening to
take direct charge from the Tories (Conservatives)
after the audit commission criticised the running of
the council. The old Executive Committee has just
resigned and all the best staff are leaving mostly
because of bullying.

Iraq - Labour are blamed for an illegal War. The
Tories - who supported it - say they only did this
because Blair lied and misled them. People want to
know when they will stop paying for the troops that
are still there.

Even though most of the place lies below sealevel
there is no interest in climate change issues. But
then only 29% have an English Qualification and 50% of
adults have no qualifications at all so I doubt they
are reading the latest on the West Antarctic Icesheet
published in the Journal Science.

I also found this site that may interest. it shows the
feeling of many in Britain today. It is not an
extremist position around here.



Marcus Petz
Vote Petz! Vote Green!

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