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Green MEPs Hassi and Lipietz support Young Greens' Initiative on European Forests:
No Forest No Future!
During the weekend of 22 - 24 April, the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) will kick off 'European week of the forest'. Young people in Europe are worried about the future of our forests, which is why FYEG is organising seminars, debates and actions on the issue in many countries. 
After several years of gradual improvement, the condition of European forests has again begun to deteriorate. One quarter of tree stocks are considered damaged, as a result of either drought, pests or air pollution. Heavy industry, mass-transportation, acid rain, and nitrogen pollution threaten the very existence of trees in Europe. In Slovakia, for instance, 40% of forests are dying because of acid-rain. In some of the poorer regions of Europe illegal logging has increased to such a degree that it has now become a major cause of forest destruction. 
Ernest Urtasun, FYEG Spokesperson said:
"With the European week of the forest we want to raise awareness among EU citizens that their forests are again in danger. During the week many young green people will be planting trees in the streets to reclaim them for new nature. All over Europe, from Malta to Finland, and from Cyprus to the Netherlands, young people are getting involved in saving our forests. As the future generation, we want to live in environmental-friendly surroundings. We call upon governments and the European Union to save our existing forests and create new ones."
Satu Hassi, Vice Chair of the Environmental Committee, added:
"In Finland we are surrounded by forests and they are very dear to us and important for the Finnish economy. Forests are also home to a great number of species, many of which are today endangered. We must protect not only forest areas but also the biodiversity they shelter. Therefore we need many kinds of forests; young as well as old. We also definitely need better protection of forests and more sustainable forestry methods. Therefore I am very happy to support FYEG with their International Week of the Forest."
French Green MEP Alain Lipietz, concluded:
"Our forests play a unique and highly important role for the health of our planet. They provide a rich habitat for wildlife and communities, but they are under threat. Thousands of square miles of natural forest are lost every year as a result of the global trade in forest products. We are all responsible for our forests, which is why I support the FYEG's 'Forest Week' initiative. This should be an occasion for each person to become active in preserving and restoring our forests."
European week of the forest, 22-31 of April 2005
European Action Weekend, 22-24 of April 2005

For more information got to: http://www.noforestnofuture.net/ or contact: 
Ernest Urtasun, FYEG Spokesperson
Email: Ernest at fyeg.org, GSM: +34-678-687235
Maarten Coertjens, FYEG Office
Email: office at fyeg.org, GSM: +32-496-630296

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