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Dear FYEG -members,
this looks very interesting and attractive for young green 
If you can find some people in your group, who would liek to 
participate, then apply.
You just pay the 30% travel costs, as usual, all other costs are 
covered by the Youth Program.
Don't ask me more than written here, I just found it in some mail I got.
Greets and hope to see you somewhere at a FYEG event,


12 - Is the environment useful or totaly useless ? (EN)
Project Proposal to Partners : Environment awareness youth exchange 
project ín Slovakia (in Zilina and in Vysoké Tatry National Park) - "Is 
the environment useful or totaly useless ?"
Main goal : Our main goal is to realise during the 2 last weeks of 
August 2005, a 10 to 15 days seminar aiming at increasing young people 
environmental awareness and intercultural understanding. 
The main topic of this seminar could be summarized as : 

How humans need environment (for energy production, agriculture, 
medical molecules from plants, mining resources...), how environment 
modifications can impact people, and how humans are impacting the 
environment (decreasing the possibilities to exploit the environment 
for energy productions, for agriculture ...). 

Renewable energy production will be one of the ways used to see how 
environment is useful. Through games, interactive conferences, non 
formal learning such as creative workshops, and visits on site, we 
learn how in the current energetical context of fossil energy resources 
exhaustion, renewable energies are becoming more and more useful. But 
because they are based on environmental resources (biomass, wind and 
hydro power, see and rivers, sun...), we need to preserve environment 
if we want to be able to produce energy in the future. It is very 
important since our life and our development is based on energy for 
house heating, transportation and so commercial exchange, industrial 
and agricultural production, food production ... 

But the environment is not only useful for energy production. We will 
try to see other direct and indirect uses of our environment. For 
instance, useful animals helping human activities such as lady birds in 
agriculture helping to control greenfly population that are dammaging 
plants. Another example is the wild boar. If its population is not too 
high, it is benefic for the forest. Wild boars promote organic matter 
incorporation into the soil and destroy harmful insect larvas that are 
parasiting trees. Hence, wild boar population preservation and 
management can be useful for forest exploitation industry. That is one 
example showing how biodiversity preservation is useful for human 

The conclusion we want participants to reach is that destroying 
environment is not only bad for animals and ecologist dreamers. It is 
also bad for human activities, our economy and our development. 

Some means to reach the main goal 

Exemple of activities : 

1. Visit of Biomasa wood pellets plant production in Kysucky Lieskovec 
and visit of boiler rooms rehabilitaded by Biomasa. Visit of Zilina 
hydroelectric plant. 

Goal : To show how environment (forests for wood pellets production and 
rivers for hydroelectric energy production) is useful since it helps us 
to produce our energy. 

2. Visit in Vysoké Tatry of the forest destroyed by a wind storm during 
last November 2004. 

Goal : to show it is very important to reconstruct the forest because 
first, destroyed forest causes soil erosion in such a way the soil 
fertility will dramatically decrease. It will prevent any further 
forest replantation possibility. As a consequence, a certain amount of 
CO2 in the atmosphere produced by fossil energies (oil, coal, natural 
gas) will not be absorbed any more and climate changes will be 
stronger. Also, Slovakia will have less forest for biomass energy 
production based on wood pellets such as exploited in Biomasa project. 

3. Educative game about renewable energies “oil companies facing 
ecologist in court„. 

First, we will have an interactive conference on renewable energies. 
Second, in small groups, participants will have half a day to read 
documents in english on renewable energies. Third, in front of all the 
participants, some group will have to defend renewable energies, 
highlighting their advantages (they will be the renewable 
energies „lawyers“). And other groups will have to argue back, 
highlighting the disadvantages and weakness of renewable energies (they 
will be renewable energies „prosecutors“). It will be an argumentation 
exercice like lawyers and prosecutors in trials. 

Goal : make people aware about renewable energies possibilities, 
existing technologies and what are their advantages and disadvantages. 

4. Visit to Raptor Protection of Slovakia association. 

We are planing to have a conference given by one of the scientists from 
Raptor Protection of Slovakia association. It would concern 
environmental problems affecting raptors such as forest destruction and 
also how raptors affect humans through is impact on our environment and 
on the ecosystem in general. And added to this conference, we should go 
on field with the scientist for a natural visit to see the raptors 
natural habitat and try to observe them. 

Goal : to create a great contact with one of the environment component 
(in that case, raptor habitats and raptor species) and then, show to 
participants that this environment component is not only amazing and 
very beautiful but also very useful for humans. 

5. Entertaining activities. 

There will be also few entertaining activities aiming at creating a 
group cohesion. It is essential for the realisation of the educative 
activities we planned focused on environment. These activities will 
be : hiking in the mountains, group games, skecthes (small theatre 
plays in small groups), artistic activities... 

6. etc. ... 

Practical information 

The age of the participants must be between 18 and 25 years old. The 
participants can be from any country (from Europe-25 and from the list 
of countries available at the end of this document). 

All the costs are covered by European Commission (accomodation, food, 
insurance, activities...). Concerning the traveling cost to Slovakia, 
you will have to pay only 30 % of the bus/train/flight ticket. European 
Commission will pay the 70 % remaining (but take care to buy the less 
expensive transport ticket you can find on the market). 

Each participant group from each country must have a leader. This 
leader can, if he wants (alone or with his group of participants), 
prepare a workshop (a 1-3 hours activity), but it is not an obligation 
at all. This activity should have a theme linked to environment. He 
will send us his activity project and we will then discuss about it by 
email. This workshop can be in relation with the participants skills : 
theatre activities like improvisation games, sport activity, artistic 
activity… The leader will maybe have to help in the logistic during the 
seminar like find train tickets, arange for food and relation with the 
hostel… He will also take part to seminar evaluation meeting during and 
at the end of the stay in Slovakia. 

All participants and leaders must have a very good level in english : 
be able to understand a conference and to take notes, be able to 
understand a group conversation and to speak in front of a group of 
people, and be able to read in english. 

All participants must bring a picture of them (it will be used for a 
small game), and walking shoes (for hiking in the mountains). 

It would be better if leaders had a good knowledge in environment 
management but it is not an obligation at all. 

Dates of seminar : it will be a 10 to 15 days seminar between the 16th 
and 31th of August 2005 (we still have to precise the dates). 

For more details on the Youth Program Action 1, you can go on the web 
site http://europa.eu.int/commm/youth/program/guide/action1_en.html   

More info : Mateo Cordier : cordiermateo at hotmail.com 

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Afterwards the possessed alimentary scandals in Greece, and the revelation of mass invasion of hundreds of thousands of tones of GMOs in the country, now it came also other. The government approved the cultivation and the trade GMOs! 


Concretely, the government in the 11-4-2005, with her decision, incorporated in the national law the recent regulation of EU, which allows release GMOs in the environment for trials in limited farm-fields, and the release of trade that they have been tryed. As is marked that if a state of EU approves somebody GMO, is enough this in order to him they adopt all the states of EU. 


All these become the moment where new studies show that the GMOs harm the environment and the health, and the moment where official studies show that exists danger of pollution from the GMOs and from the experimental cultivations. 


Also recently Japanese scientists announced the creation "human-plants". It is GM plants that are used in our food (potatoes-rice), and in which they put human genes so that they are durable in the very powerful poisons of weedkillers. 


After these developments, and with datum the catholic reaction of citizens of country (all the Local governments ask are free from GMOs) but also worldwide, we call the Greek government to declare the country free from GMOs, and to press in inter-country level for Balkans and Europe free from GMOs, as well as for initiatives in the UN. 


The problem is world, and for this worldwide will be supposed it is also the resistance of movements. 









Santaroza 3, Centre Athens, Greece, tel: 2103227511, gewb at pathfinder.gr 



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