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MessageHej there,
Green Youth, Serbia have decided on the meeting of our board to do local actions during the forest week. We had your proposal in mind and actions ZOfi will take in Budapest and come with our agenda for the week.

22.04. Cleaning of the forest 
We will go to the forest near Belgrade. We will parallel have a photo shoot before, during and after in order to have good images for the gallery. Also we will collect things that are not belonging in the forest. Street action
Street exhibition of the photos from the forest cleaning day and exhibition of things that are not belonging in the forest. As well we will have leaves-art exhibition done by our artist friend and we aim to invite children from the school for children with speaking or hearing difficulties (that we have good contact with from previous actions) to take part in leaves-art creation workshop. We will produce flyers that are stressing the value of the forests and reasons and ways to keep forest clean and protected. I don't know how it is with FYEG material but we can also use t shirts, stickers etc. from Forest Week campaign if there are some for us.

28.29. 04. Green Party
We will organise "Tree huggers" party at Belgrade students club. We aim get people together that are green to join in our organisation, have good time and also fundraise a bit for our organisation.

So this is what we are planning to do. I sent this e mail to Maja but I forgot she is not any more responsible for this. Probably next Wednesday in Belgrade we will have a meeting to start with preparations.


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  Please spread this in your organisation.

  The Forest Week is coming soon and it is coming to a forest near YOU!

  What is the Forest Week?

  The Forest Week idea was born in Sumava, Czech Republic in 2003 during a European Exchange. Young Greens from all over Europe wanted to start a campaign to promote forests and their use for all of us. So now it has happened: The first International Forest Week!


  The forest week runs from 22nd of April till 30th of April. It kicks of on Earth Day and has a European Action Weekend from the 22nd - 24th of April. 


  Young European Greens with local NGO's


  Actions, parties, discussions, walks in forests,. all over Europe.


  Bulgaria, Belgium, Hungary, Malta, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic,.

  (More soon)

  Get involved.

  Interested? Willing to be part of this great European Campaign?

  Get in touch with us and we will send you a promo package plus zillions of ideas for activities and actions.

  All news and info can be found on www.noforestnofuture.net

  We will also send out new editions of this newsletter with more announcements of material etc.

  With greetings from the European Team

  Gabor, Reka, Vincent, Arend and Maarten

  Maarten Coertjens
  Office Coordinator
  Federation of Young European Greens AISBL.(FYEG)
  European Parliament 
  ASP 8G138
  Rue Wiertz
  B-1047 Brussels, Belgium
  tel:+32 2 284 24 40
  fax:+32 2 284 92 73
  mob: + 32 4 96 63 02 96
  e mail: fyeg at europarl.eu.int
  web: www.fyeg.org


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