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Just out of curiosity: I have read in an article by a Ukranian author that the media in Western Europe has distorted the real picture of events in Ukraine. In fact, even the eastern part of Ukraine, she argues, supports Yushchenko whereas alleged support for Yanukovych virtually doesn't exist (she says, for example, the train full of miners who allededly supported Yanukovych was merely a media stunt by the government). In the Western media (Britain, Germany etc.), the events were displayed as a situation on the brink of a civil war in a divided country but in reality, this author argues, almost everyone is actually protesting for the opposition and against the government. Is this true or is it yet another misrepresentation of the situation in Ukraine?

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Martin Koehring
(Wales Young Greens)

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> Hello ,
>  Dear Konstantin Scherbakov 
>  Excuse me but if you d` like to divide Ukraine between Russia and
>  Poland why do you call yourself  Ukrainian man.
>  I think you are normal Russian imperialist. And because do you think
>  Miloshevich is normal person, I don` t understand why you are Green activist at
>  all.
>  My mother is Ukranian nationality and my father is Russian one. I am Belarussian
>  Citizen and I am in Kiev now because I know what dictatorship does mean.
>  P.S  Dear Marek please inform me about your action.
>  I `ll remail the message to the Belarusian community in Warsaw (most of them are political dissidents).
>  Za nashu i vashu svabodu!
>  Aleh Novikau   ( Belarussian Green Party)
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> Best regards,
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