[fyeg_gen-l] Ukranian

Oleg Novikov greens at tut.by
Tue Nov 30 22:00:13 CET 2004

Hello ,

  Dear Konstantin Scherbakov 
  Excuse me but if you d` like to divide Ukraine between Russia and
  Poland why do you call yourself  Ukrainian man.
  I think you are normal Russian imperialist. And because do you think
  Miloshevich is normal person, I don` t understand why you are Green activist at
  My mother is Ukranian nationality and my father is Russian one. I am Belarussian
  Citizen and I am in Kiev now because I know what dictatorship does mean.
  P.S  Dear Marek please inform me about your action.
  I `ll remail the message to the Belarusian community in Warsaw (most of them are political dissidents).
  Za nashu i vashu svabodu!
  Aleh Novikau   ( Belarussian Green Party)

Best regards,
 Oleg                          mailto:greens at tut.by

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