[fyeg_gen-l] ACT for Ukraina

Konstantin Scherbakov koss at gmx.co.uk
Fri Nov 26 12:46:33 CET 2004

Hi Bartek, and all the European Green people!

It seems like finally Ukraine spited up...
Western countries makes the dream come true!!!
Serbia!!! Georgia!!! Maybe Ukraine now. Whose next???

So, my advice just to divide undemocratic Ukraine and recall
historical justice to back west part to Poland and east to Russia.

And World will have pease, and justice, and democracy in Europe....
Freedom of movement for all, and all the rest European democratic

Guys, my fathers is Russian, my mother is Uranian, I am living in
Russia, who am I???

Russian? Uranian?

My cousin lives in Ukraine, his father -Ukrainian, and mother -Russian.
Who is he???

My relatives are living in Russia and eastern Ukraine, and in this
region Yanucovich won this election with more than 90% votes.
What about democracy for these people???
They did not vote for second guy....
How about their rights???

Why you, European Greens, did not act 4 years ago after USA 'democratic'
elections???? Just couple of thousands votes maid democracy....
God save America with its election system!!!!!!
Where have you been? EU? EC? NATO? CocaCola? McD..., and

p.s. For those who knows, I am getting understand Benj


Âű ďčńŕëč 24 íî˙áđ˙ 2004 ă., 17:54:11:

BLZ2> As 
BLZ2> you know there are many problems with democracy in
BLZ2> Ukraina, connected to presidential 
BLZ2> elections.
BLZ2> On first Council of European Green Party in Dublin this
BLZ2> weekend, resolution on this will be 
BLZ2> discussed. If you are there maybe is good to consider
BLZ2> demonstration in front of ukrainian 
BLZ2> Embassy in Dublin.
BLZ2> If you are not there try to organize sth in your cities. 
BLZ2> In Poland evryday at 18.00 there is manifestation.
BLZ2> Act for demoracy.

BLZ2> Bartek
BLZ2> Polish Greens
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Ń óâŕćĺíčĺě,
 Konstantin                          mailto:koss at gmx.co.uk

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