[fyeg_gen-l] motions adopted

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These three. Were they all adopted?

-on EGP Commission for Foreign Affairs 
-on individual supportership to the European Green Party 
-on the Future of the European Greens 

P.S. the media coverage on the Council was very low... I think the next councils should be broadcast live via web (as happened in Rome)... If the media don't speak about the Greens, the Greens should use their own media to speak themselves... how can we have a European Party without a media framework ???
Fabio Quattrocchi
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They will be on the website, but only after the office gets back to Brussels, and puts them up.  Did you have a particular motion in mind??  The FYEG were granted an extra 2k in the budget, which was in a motion on Sunday.
any others/??
all the best,
Dr.Lucille Ryan O'Shea
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