[fyeg_gen-l] ACT for Ukraina

Dr. Lucille Ryan O'Shea lucille at drlucille.net
Mon Nov 29 14:51:33 CET 2004

I made this suggestion on FRiday, after the Emergency motion was passed, but 
no one I spoke to either knew where the embassy was, nor where there would 
be time in the schedule, I suggested after the tree planting for Ingrid. It 
was not for lack of trying.
However, the project should not be let drop.
I think the Greens should do this in all places where there is a Ukrainian 
all the best,
Dr.Lucille Ryan O'Shea
Mayo ROI
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> Those protest are not to make a pressure- but to show that rest of Europe, 
> that we are, with polple that demonstrate for few days in
> Kijow.
> Bartek
> Zieloni 2004
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