[fyeg_gen-l] THE Future of FYEG IMPORTANT and URGENT

markus petz councillortothewise at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 22 13:50:03 CET 2004

I have been sent several emails by Maarten and others.
So to be clear this is what I want.

the amendment below 

"As young people can be leaders of change and the 
future of the Green Movement for Europe and beyond, 
FYEG needs support of the EGP. That an effective Young
Green organisation in every country is highly
desirable. That assistance will be given to capacity
build such effective organisations in every EUROPEAN
country. That a crucial part of that capacity building
is a EUROPEAN annual meeting of FYEG, "The General
Assembly." That the EGP will assure funding will be
provided for such a meeting to take place."

To be submitted by FYEG to the EGP Council Meeting to
amend the Resolution on the Future of EGP. I want it
to be poinbt 15 and to renumber.

I think this is very clear and every EC member should
say which way they will vote on this PUBLICALLY.

I support this amendment. MAARTEN to avoid any
confusion please phone call every EC member if they do
not reply  in the next 2 hours and get their opinion.

Further info follows (in next email). 

I write this so there can be no confusion as to what 
is happening in the EC and what happend if theis is
not submitted.

Markus Petz

Markus Petz
Communications Officer
Federation of Young European Greens 


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