[fyeg_gen-l] research on supply and demand of organic food at world market

eelke-bakker at planet.nl eelke-bakker at planet.nl
Tue Nov 16 19:29:29 CET 2004

Dear people, 

I was asked by a russian friend to help to spread this form. this Q-
form is about organic food. what is it? do you buy it? Why (not)? etc. 
it's for a diploma research at Moscow State university.

Would you all be so kind to fill in the Qform and send it to Alexandra? 
would be great

And it would be even more great if you can send the form to people from 
your addressbook (green and not green).

many thanks in advance (also on behalf of Alexandra)

Eelke Bakker

ps. you can find more info about the research in the document
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