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markus councillortothewise at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 15 22:13:35 CET 2004

Hello All! important news about joining the European Green Party

I think that this is quite significant for us on FYEG as with a  slight 
amendment we coudl offer young people the chance to become members of 
the EGP (European Green Party) through us without having to join the 
Green Party of the country they are in and more importantly when there 
is not one.

Something I'd like to do and I know others who feel the same. Also this 
still offfers the chance for a individual Party that does not like the 
idea of the European Green Party to deny people in that country the 
chance to join and thus influence the trends (we are seeing motions for 
the Dublin Council meeting that will create a unified policy 
organization for Foreign Policy within the Green in Europe and call for 
true federalism.)

This denial of democracy  is what has happened to me when in the United 
Kingdom. I have clearly asked lots of times both the Green Party of 
England and Wales National Party office in London and also the Regional 
people responsible in Wales How much it is? and What do I have to fill 
in for the Suppportership stuff? I also asked the International 
Co-ordinator - John Norris.

The only response I get is that my membership of the Green Party of 
England and Wales expires whenever or that they do not know anything 
about it being possible. This is after sending them details of the 
Herleen Group. But what can you expect of a Party that is still debating 
whether we should have the Euro in Europe or not? :-)

Anyway if you want us in FYEG to put any amendments to this document (or 
any of the other Resolutions) please let the political group know: they 
are simo at fyeg.org, ernest at fyeg.org and stefanie at fyeg.org (though she is 
a little busy at the moment).

Markus Citoyen du Monde -

PS There are 2 new important mailing lists you might be interested in:

Two lists In English have just been created.

To discuss about the European Constitution, go there or send a message:

To discuss about the European Green Party, go there or send a message:

Non-Europeans are gladly accepted. There will indeed be many topics that 
could be relevant on the global scale.

However, only persons registering with their name and not the name of an 
organization will be accepted.

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