[fyeg_gen-l] Galery of spoilt landscapes

Karl Bär karlbaer at swissinfo.org
Thu Nov 11 13:40:38 CET 2004


We're planing an exhibition about ugly buildings,...

Therefore we need your help.

There are basicly two things we need for the exhibition:
- Pictures of ugly or unfitting buildings, signs, ...  in a beautiful surrounding.
- Pictures of a last piece of beauty, culture or nature within industrial,
commercial or destroyed surrounding.

There is no need to take photos in a place that is completely ugly without
giving anything more. 

I want you to be creative and artistic, and I don't want to exclude anything
that could be useful but isn't just in my mind.
But I also saw that examples will lower the hurdle to take part for more
people so I have a few suggestions about the sort of thing to look for,
but be free to look for other things too.

So there are some examples:
- Any building that was rather built to show the greatness of some person
not great at all than for any use and now spoils its surrounding our falls
into pieces.
- Commercial buildings within old city parts, which don't fit the rest of
the architecture.
- Nuclear power plants
- (Laid off) Factories somewhere in the countrieside
- A statue of Mary between Graffiti and coca-cola-adds or cruxifix they
didn't dare to take away when they built the motorway,...
- Old nice buldings where all the rest has been destroyed to build something
"more useful" but less nice
- Huge streets, bridges, etc cutting through beautiful landscape
- Luxory hotels spoiling what they want to present to their guests
- the thing doesn't have to be finished, often construction places are even
- everything else you can think of

Be creative and artisic!

So if you have some photos that fit or know a place to photograph, do it
and send the picture(s) to:   

Maximilian Brietzke
Moosbachweg 3
D-83707 Bad Wiessee

It is important that you add on a little sheet or in an e-mail:
- Where you took the photo
- When the thing was built/spoilt/...
- Who took the photo
- if there is one, the name of the object
- and it would be really good if we could get the name of the Building owner
especially if they are a local authority.

If you want to, add a whole history (but don't write on the photo).

Maximilian will collect those photos in a little box. After some time, when
there are enough of them, Green Youth Tegernsee Valley will try to find
a place to present the exhibition to the public. 

Then we can send the little box full of pictures to another local group
somewhere else and they can do it again. Perhaps we can apply for a grant
for our exhibition or a happening related to landscape protection.

If most of what I outlined now happens, we have an travelling exhebition
- a roadshow. 

For any local group doing that, it's a way to do an action without too much
effort, that can be done easy in little towns, as the local press usually
picks everything where nothing ever happens. I also believe that many greens
already fought some battles agains unreasonabled and spoiling constructions.

Good places for the exhibition might be:
- Public buildings so as Town halls, schools, libraries,...
- Local centers of alternative or youth culture 
- Local bank branches, cinemas, even hair-cutters,...  

As every group will have different backgrounds, situations, audiences and
goals when doing the exhibition, we need as many pictures as possible, to
be able to choose. 
Please forward this to other lists and anybody who could have a picture
for Max or any other interest.

We count on you!

Green Greetings, 

P.S. The one who sents in the most beautiful picture of the most ugly building
will recieve a price.

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