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Tue Nov 9 19:04:49 CET 2004

> Hey Jammers,
> Was it when you first heard the polar ice caps were melting? Or when
> you read that mother's milk is now too toxic for newborns? Maybe it
> when you first tasted the sweet, rich flesh of a homegrown tomato? Or
> when you finally figured out that even if half the people on the
> lived like us, we'd all be dead in 20 years?
> Those are the ahhh moments when you suddenly see the world anew and
> realize that there has to be -- we have to find -- another way to
> Buy Nothing Day is one step in that direction. We get together and
> take
> a stand against the chronic overconsumption that is the mother of all
> our ecological, psychological and political problems.
> On November 26th, we refuse to participate. We flip our routines and
> discover new angles. We get active in our communities. And some of us
> go out and create some mayhem.
> Here's a good place to get started: < <http://adbusters.org/>
http://adbusters.org/> See what
> other people around the world are doing this year. Discover a new way
> to meet other activists in your city. Visit the Action Pyramid and
> help make this BND the blast that's heard around the world.
> --------------------------
> --------------------------
> Put a blackspot on a Niketown near you. From Omaha to Osaka, let's get
> out there -- with stickers, spray cans and marker pens -- and spread
> the virus that will change capitalism. Send pics of your jams to
> <sharon at adbusters.org> and we'll post them on our site.
> <http://blackspotsneaker.org>
> Our neoclassical economics model has failed us. Too bad most
> universities still preach its dying gospel. Let's act before
> out-of-touch profs dupe another generation. Go to
> <http://truecosteconomics.org> and print off copies of the True Cost
> Economics Manifesto and pin them up all over the corridors of your
> economic department. Help incite a revolution in the way we measure
> progress.
> <http://truecosteconomics.org>
> No one lives outside the mental environment. Share your stories --
> about meds, madness, madpride, and that three-pound universe we call
> the mind -- at the new Prozac Spotlight Forum.
> <http://prozacspotlight.org>

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