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 Invitation : Le fédéralisme
européen est-il mort?                          

"Is European Federalism Dead?"
                Brussels, 10th November 2004          
 To          mark the beginning of a new political
term, the European current affairs          magazine
cafebabel.com          has the pleasure of inviting
          to a day of debates in Brussels, on the 10th
November 2004, based on          the theme:
"Is                    European Federalism Dead ?"
                    European decision-makers and the
Eurogeneration                    face-to-face

                    Crossing the generational         
          divide café babel is gathering
together major actors                    from the
world of economics, politics and European civil
society,                    to discuss the future of
the European political project.
At                    a time when political mobility
has almost ground the Union                    to a
halt, the idea is to bring a breath of fresh air to
Europe.                    Without favours or
preconceptions European federalism                   
will be put to the test to see what it could bring    
               to a Europe currently lacking a
political project.
Surrounded                    by both fans and critics
of federalism, the debate will take                   
place in a convivial atmosphere with dialogue open to
participants                    coming from all over
Europe. Café babel style.
                              Round              Table
1 -- Is              there a way back for politics?
              Huge abstention rates, the rise of
extremists, discrediting              of the political
class, European democracies are in bad shape. What    
         can the federal model bring to the political
    Virgilio                  Dastoli
                  Director of the European Commission
representation in Rome.                  Former
right-hand to Altiero Spinelli                
     Hartmut                  Marhold
                  Director of the International Centre
for European Training (CIFE)                
     Michel                  Theys
                  Editor in chief of
l'Européenne de Bruxelles, presenter           
      of #8220;15=25#8221; on Télé
     Marko                  Bucik
                  Member of Young European Federalists
Round                Table 2 -- Federalism: remedy for
economic decline? (2pm-3:30pm)
                High unemployment, negligible growth,
budget deficits,                the Union is embroiled
in a latent economic crisis. Would a federal          
     government be able to reform the welfare states? 
   Bruno                  Bonduelle*
                  President of Bonduelle group,
vice-president of Lille Chamber                  of
                     Christa Randzio-Plath
                  Former MEP ESP                
    Henrik                  Enderlein
                  Economist, Freie Universität
                     Piia-Noora Kauppi
                  MEP EPP 
Round                Table 3 -- What next? Who has a
vision for tomorrow? (4pm-5:30pm)
                Ideological crisis, political apathy,
European civil society                is really
lacking a visionary political project. All new ideas  
             welcome here on how to democratise the
Europe of tomorrow!
   Bronislaw                  Geremek
                  MEP ALDE, professor in College of
Europe, Natolin                
                     Marco Pannella
                  MEP ALDE, founder of Italian Radical
                     Ferdinando Riccardi
                  Editor in chief of Agence Europe    
   Jo                  Leinen
                  MEP ESP, President of the European
Union of Federalists (UEF)
Simultaneous            translation            from
French to English and English to French will be
provided all            day
            A buffet lunch and evening cocktail       
    will also be offered
Where: #8220;Bouche-à-Oreille#8221;, 11 rue
Félix Hap, 1040 Brussels
                          When: 10th November 2004,
from 9:30am to 7pm
Free          entry
     Please                  circulate this invitation
throughout your network!
Contact          :
Alexandre          Heully or Nuala Morgan
          Café babel #8211; www.cafebabel.com         

          50, rue des Tournelles - 75003 Paris
          +33 (0)1 42 71 85 53 
          info at cafebabel.com
cafebabel.com          is the first European current
affairs magazine. Published          in 6 languages
(English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian,          German
and French), it analyses current affairs from a
resolutely          European perspective.
cafebabel.com          is a new form of media and its
work is supported by a network of more          than
350 young journalists in 16 cities in 11 countries. To
stimulate          political debate at the heart of
European civil society, cafebabel.com         
organises prominent events and conferences across
Europe, bringing together          fresh ideas and a
wealth of analysis.

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Markus Petz
Communications Officer
Federation of Young European Greens 


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