[fyeg_gen-l] one activist killed during anti-nuclear protests

Markus Petz markus at fyeg.org
Mon Nov 8 07:34:48 CET 2004

I went last year to Stopp Castor.
This is very sad and shows how determined soem are to force through
their weapons grade material.
I and others remain resolute against this hateful thing. It is a tragedy
and I pay tribute to the brave activist who sadly died.

In Solidarity and sorrow

markus petz

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 22:43:20 +0100, "Ska Keller" <tique007 at web.de> said:
> Dear friends,
> every year around this time there is a transport of nuclear waste from
> france to germany. every year there are protests on the french and german
> territory against nuclear power, always surrounded by a huge number of
> policewomen and men.
> Today, one french activist was killed by the train that transports the
> nuclear waste. He chained himself to the rail and when the train came,
> the
> train driver couldn't stop it (the train was running with 100 km/h and
> the
> helicopter that was supposed to observe the railway was absent). In
> France
> and germany there have been various demonstrations of solidarity this
> evening.
> in the meantime the transport reached germany.
> ska
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