[fyeg_gen-l] EO-Rhodope - Project letter on Bagpipe Festival

debono ndebono at onvol.net
Sun Nov 7 19:13:03 CET 2004


Hi, how are you? I wànt to propose an idea for a work shop.

I hope that you remember my presentation (AÌ Prague 2004) for Bagpipe
festival in Gela village. In connection with this i want to offer work
shop in july 2005.

The idea is to involve participants from European countries in which
bagpipe is a major instrument in folklore.


- Introduction to the traditional bagpipe skills in the region;

- training from local pipe player to the ''caba'' pipe playing;

- Cultural exchàngå between participants;

- Performances - in diferent villages;

- and the end participation in ²V-th international bagpipe festival in

Please reply me soon if you can, comments,
suggestions etc.

ahoj to you all


emil_vaklinov at yahoo.com

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