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Just a detailed information. Sondre is not a girl, but their

/Linus Waltersson,

"Ska Keller" <tique007 at web.de> skriver:
>Dear friends,
>i received the mail below from sondre, green youth norway. She asks you to
>sign a congratulation letter for the nobel peace price winner of 2004,
>Wangari Maathai.
>You will find the letter below. For signing the letter, please contact
>sondre sondre at gronne.no
>best wishes
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>From: "Sondre Båtstrand" <sondre at gronne.no>
>To: <ska at fyeg.org>
>Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 11:33 AM
>Subject: Nobel Peace Prize
>Hi, Ska!
>I'm trying to get as many green youth organizations as possible to join a
>congratulation letter to Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. I have
>received positive e-mails from New Zealand, Malta, Ukraine, Czech
>Luxemburg and Macedonia - but I hope that still many more wants to join!
>My suggestion is that we release the letter in our own countries
>simultaneously some days ahead of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo,
>Norway the 10th of December.
>Could you please help to spread the word to member organizations of FYEG
>and/or young greens in other parts of the world?
>Sondre Båtstrand,
>Spokesperson Green Youth in Norway
>- and here's the letter -
>Global young greens congratulate Maathai on Nobel Peace Prize
>Green youth organizations from all around the world celebrate the news
>green activist Wangari Maathai has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
>Dr. Maathai is founder of the Mazingira Green Party and the Green Belt
>Movement in Kenya. In 2002, before her current appointment, she was
>to the Kenyan parliament on the Green Party ticket in the first free
>elections held in the country in decades. She received 98 % of the votes
>her constituency.
>Wangari Maathai is internationally recognized for her persistent struggle
>for democracy, human rights and environmental conservation. She has
>addressed the UN on several occasions and spoke on behalf of women at
>special sessions of the General Assembly for the five-year review of the
>earth summit.
>Wangari Maathai has showed how planting a tree can be a gesture of peace
>liberation, and provides inspiration for young greens all around the
>Congratulations, Wangari!
>Rayna Fahey, Aotearoa Young Greens (New Zealand)
>Natalie Debono, Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh (Malta)
>Valentin Shpakov, Green Youth (Ukraine)
>Jean Thierry, Grøn Ungdom (Denmark)
>Jiri Jerabek, Mladi Zeleni (Czech Republic)
>Dan Michels, DEI JONK GRENG (Luxemburg)
>Zaida Catalán, Grön Ungdom (Sweden)
>The Ecologists' Movement of Macedonia - Youth (Republic of Macedonia)
>Sondre Båtstrand, Grønn Ungdom (Norway)
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