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Simo Salmela ssalmela at cc.jyu.fi
Mon Nov 1 16:14:44 CET 2004

Green Greetings all,

Announcing an International Grassroots Green Caucus


A forum where Green thinking people of all nationalities, and of all
parties can band together in and for peace, share information, plan
actions, and learn from each other. Let's work to preserve this fragile
planet together. [draft]

Many of us here will remember Dan Murray, previous International Secretary
of the Green Party of Canada. He lobbied here for the establishment of a
"United Nations of Greens".

As useful as the Global Green Network is for party to party
communications, Dan and I noticed there is presently an opportunity vacuum
for members to communicate with others around the world. It is felt that
our common goals might better be realized *IF* greens are enabled in a
grassroots effort to open those lines of communication. We expect that at
this level we will be able to celebrate diversity, develop cross-cultural
ties, build capacity for compassion, identify and enhance a green
solidarity and demonstrate the potential of grassroots initiative.

Please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GreenInternational and share
this invitation with your members.

Also, be sure to consider the tools available at this site. The usefulness
of the calendar to let others know of events; the capacity to poll for
building consensus, a links section where internet links can be shared are
just a few of the possibilities.

Someone once said that, "If the people lead, the leaders will follow."

Please let your members know of this opportunity.

Encourage and be encouraged...

John Grogan
  Robson Valley, British Columbia

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