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Fri Jul 30 16:21:23 CEST 2004

Lots of peopel have "environmental organizations and programs"
While we don't connect out of our Green ghetto it will be hard to id and
even counter those of tem that are Greenwashing or turning peopel away
from teh path of true Green. Stay onm the Yellow brick road to reach the
Emerald City!

That's why I want to link up more and  more. But we need others to also
do that. Maybe taking IT Global will be a way to do it? Maybe a single
newspaper with a Green perspective?

However at the moment it is not easy. I think that as many joint
seminars as possible is best - then we can showcse FYEG and challenge
those with a different view.

But I also think this is turning into a discussion list and this topic
is best moved (if people want to talk aboutit to the Wiki that was set
up after sustainability and solidarity). If you want o participate on
that please go to:

"In this message I'll talk about the wiki.
We can already brainstorm whathever ideas we want on
You can also join the following mailing list I just initiated
I'll briefly explain how we can add text and create new pages on the
( + also on http://quilombo.collectifs.net/wakka.php?wakka=UsingWiki )
You'll notice "user settings" at the top of the webpage.
When you click on it, you'll notice you can create your own account.
It is asked to define your new account by writing your Wiki Name - like
a Wiki Word - and that is a word with two big letters. Such as
Once you entered your "Wiki Name" , your password, and your e-mail, you
can start editing most texts and create your own pages.
Creating your own pages can be done trough editing a page ( click "Edit
this page" at the bottom left ) and writing a Wiki Word relating to the
subject you want to raise. Then after clicking "Store" on the bottom
left of the page , clicking on the "?" next to the wiki word will create
a new webpage that you can start editing. 
Feel free to send me e-mails incase you have any other questions on
Speak soon,
"Dante-Gabryell Monson" <dantemonson at hotmail.com>. 


On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 12:30:53 +0200, "Natalie Debono"
<ndebono at ba-malta.org> said:
> Dear All,
> ... If you hear about such stuff like Bayer sponsoring UNEP Y&E
> programme,
> it is important to you to be able to know HOW to counter this.
> Did you know Bayer Asia has a Youth Environment Club ?
> And .. They have money ... You don't.
> Bayer Asia will be sending young Asians from
> http://www.bayeryoungenvironmentenvoy.com
> http://www.bayeryoungenvoy.com/
> To UNEP's meetings.
> Those of you that will go there will meet these youngsters.
> So ... How are you going to prepare ?
> Where are you going to find the data to counter them ?
> What are the alternatives you are going to offer to those younsters from
> the
> Bayeryoungenvironmentenvoy ?
> Part of the answer will come in a following mail... Keep posted !
> Respectfully Yours,
> ---
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> I hope this letter finds you well,
> and I wish you a nice continuation of the day...
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