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Dear friends, 
I have created a new newsletter for anyone interested in knowing what the Green Parties around the world do. Below you'll find an example. The reason why I created this newsletter is that I think it is very important for the World Green Movement to know what each of its member parties do and think, what the press says about them etc... 
If you want to subscribe send an email to green-press-review-subscribe at yahoogroups.com and reply to the confirmation message you get. The Green World Press Review is archived at this website www.ecquologia.it/sito/pag706.map?action=all&field.joined.id=32532 (see also www.ecquologia.it/sito/pag706.map ) So if you don't subscribe, bookmark the website. (The site's server is quite down right now!)
If you think that some of your friends may be interested, tell them about this newsletter. Thank you.
Fabio Quattrocchi
eco_fabiocchi at tin.it

EU: Commission rejects Greens' criticism of 'undemocratic' GM authorisations

Court annuls France's first gay marriage 
Noel Mamère, the Green MP who conducted the ceremony as mayor of Bègles, was suspended from his post 

Australia: Green Sen. Bob Brown: Whose lies hurt more?

German Support for Main Opposition Fell Since March, Poll Shows 
The Greens scored an unchanged 13 percent in this week's survey

New Zealand: Green Party Laments Pot Spraying

Australia: Deputy Prime Minister welcomes Greens debate
Australia: Greens call for increased Murray flows

French government to float plan for surcharge on high-pollution cars

Germany seeks to attract Indian techies

Cyprus: Greens clamour for an independent environmental body 

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