[fyeg_gen-l] Bayer donates money for UNEP Youth and Env programme

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Wed Jul 28 07:35:20 CEST 2004

July 27, 2004
>Press Release by the Coalition against BAYER-dangers
>A fig-leaf for the wicked
>Contract between BAYER and UN Environmental Programme (UNEP)
>Recently BAYER corporation signed a cooperation-contract with the UN`s
>environmental agency UNEP. Over a period of 3 years BAYER is going to
>provide an annual amount of one million Euro for UNEP´s "Youth &
>Environment" programme. The focal-point of this cooperation will be the
>Asia-Pacific region.
>Philipp Mimkes of the Coalition against BAYER-dangers (Germany) comments:
>"BAYER, like any multi-national company, has by no means anything one
>could call a "green conscience", but is merely interested in profits. To
>this day this corporation has fought, through its lobbyists, against any
>positive agreement on environmental issues, be it the Kyoto Protocol for
>the protection of the climate or the new EU law on chemicals. It`s a real
>set-back for efforts to assure environmental protection if corporations
>like BAYER are allowed to associate themselves with the UN." Pointing out
>that BAYER produces a great number of highly dangerous substances like
>pesticides, plasticisers, Bisphenol A and phosgene, Mimkes claims: "To
>BAYER, supporting the UNEP is nothing more than a sheer publicity
>campaign. There is no easier and more informal way of achieving a positive
>company image".
>Four years ago BAYER was also one of the signatories of the UN Global
>Compact, in which more than 100 companies acknowledged the importance of
>environmental protection, worker safety and human rights. But with the
>Global Compact there were also no criteria laid down by the UNO: Any
>company, from firms producing nuclear power plants to oil corporations,
>were eligible to participate. After a company has signed the Compact there
>are no follow-up reviews whatsoever, and all agreements are non-binding.
>"Especially paradoxical", Philipp Mimkes further points out, "is the fact
>that in this cooperation between BAYER and UNEP the focal-point is on
>Asia". BAYER is working intensively on the approval of genetically
>modified rice. As rice is the staple food for 2.5 billion people, the
>introduction of these modified types would have dramatic consequences:
>Millions of farmers who by now are producing their own seeds by exchange
>and self-cultivation would become dependent on multi-national
>corporations. The concentration-process, formerly witnessed during the
>"green revolution", would inevitably lead to the loss of livelihoods for
>millions of farmers and force them to migrate to the slums surrounding the
>big cities.
>BAYER widely uses its involvement with the UN to bolster its integrity,
>for example on the company`s homepage and in numerous advertising
>brochures. Even Bayer's annual report contains a compliment by Kofi Annan,
>with a picture and the UN logo. Because of examples like this, Friends Of
>The Earth is complaining about the private economy`s insidious takeover of
>the United Nations and fears that voluntary agreements might hinder the
>ratification of binding rules.
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