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Natalie Debono ndebono at ba-malta.org
Wed Jul 28 07:30:03 CEST 2004

Dear all,

please read the email below. As Adbusters put it, the blackspot sneaker is
set to revolutionize left-wing thinking. It has great growth potential, and
if successful, it may spread its "experiment in bottom-up capitalism" to
other industries: a fight against the current system through selective
consumption rather than boycotts and protests.

For more information visit:


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> Blackspotters,
> We found it! After two years of researching shoe plants in Slovakia,
> Poland, Indonesia, China and South Korea, the hunt for our factory is
> over.
> When the search started, we found Phil Knight's Nike had plunged
> sneaker manufacturing into a macabre scene of export processing zones
> and sweatshop labor. To make a sneaker, all roads led to the Orient,
> but factories there didn't meet our standards.
> Then Robin Webb of Vegetarian Shoes in England suggested a family-owned
> factory in Portugal's Felgueiras region. Our creative director spent a
> few days inspecting the facility: it has a union which workers can
> join, wages that are comparatively high, and gives one month paid
> vacation - plus two months salary bonus at Christmas. Since it comes
> from Portugal's centuries old tradition of shoe craftsmanship, it can
> also make shoes of the highest quality.
> Blackspot is vegetarian - we're using no animal products whatsoever.
> It's made with hemp - good hemp. Our Romanian hemp supplier is an
> industry leader whose manufacturing process uses no chemicals, and
> whose hemp is certified organic.
> So far, we've received 8,300 pre-orders. As soon as we have pictures of
> the actual shoe, we'll post them on our site with the official orders
> form. In the meantime, why not urge your friends to take the plunge by
> going to blackspot.org to reserve a pair.
> When you buy a pair of Blackspots, you get a share that allows you to
> cast internet votes on the design of future prototypes, factory
> options, and how to spend the money we make. Eventually, we want to
> create our own cooperative factory. The Blackspot is an unfolding
> experiment in bottom-up capitalism.
> The Blackspot is an attempt to launch an antilogo, an anticorporation,
> and a shoe to kick Phil Knight and the avatars of "cool" in the ass.
> We're going to cut into Nike's market share and change the way the
> industry is run. When we hit the market early this fall, you can bet
> the battle will get interesting. Go to
> <http://www.blackspotsneaker.org> for updates. Email
> <sharon at adbusters.org> if you have questions.
> - The Blackspot team

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