[fyeg_gen-l] Gender trouble ?

Aude Vidal aude at chicheweb.org
Tue Jul 27 21:13:18 CEST 2004

It was in NOvember 2002, FYEG had a seminar on gender issues. After this
we built the www.gendertrouble.org website. It comes from FYEG, but
we're opening it to people from various backgrounds, hoping to make it a
crossroads on gender issues.
Feel free to contribute.
PS : Can someone forward this to Ivana from Serbia in case she's not on
the list ? I know she could be interested. Thanks.


You might already know gendertrouble.org, or you might not.
It has been a bit lethargic indeed, since it was created, 18 months ago.
These times are gone.

To begin with,
a new version of the site has just been put online: looks better, has a
new navigation system:


Some new texts have also appeared in the process. And that's just a
beginning, since the publication tempo should get higher in the next
months. Together with your involvement, perhaps?

More: a new section appears, reflecting the activity of the
"gendertrouble.org paper commando" (issuing leaflets, printed on real

If you want to be informed by mail, once a week, of the last
publications, you can subscribe to our newsletter:


Finally, a links page is being built; you can contribute by sending us
your preferred websites' addresses (about genders issues, of course).


-- intrigeri <intrigeri at squat.net>

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